Make mad! Bitcoin prices surged 30 times, a record high


taipingyangdiannaowang· 2017-08-18 10:23:41

in the past two years, the most successful investment products, bitcoin definitely count as one of the best products. In early 2015, a bitcoin less than 1000 yuan, , and today, the first time the price exceeded 30 thousand yuan, making 30 times!

I saw in the bitcoin trading network, as of press time, real-time bitcoin's price is 30029 yuan, the highest intraday price of 30180 yuan.

a month ago in July 16th, bitcoin has fallen by less than 13000 yuan, if it had bought, has now doubled.

of course, bitcoin prices soaring fall has become normal, admission needs to be cautious.

currently, bitcoin is divided into the original version and the new version of the two version, which is called bitcoin cash (BCC), specifically for the sale of goods online.

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