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Meizu Zhuhai Huang Zhang science and technology

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-18 10:23:42

in the mobile phone ring, Meizu founder and CEO Huang Zhang always looked very mysterious, perennial seclusion behind the scenes, once only through the forum and "kerosene" exchanges, even in the enterprise reform and the introduction of investment, the chapter is still rarely seen. According to the Zhuhai

television reported, Zhuhai Municipal Committee, Mayor Li Zezhong recently to the Zhuhai high tech Zone research, focused on understanding the development situation and future planning of Zhuhai city Meizu Technology Ltd, yellow Meizu chapter vice president Li Nan at the reception.

reported that Li Zezhong visited the exhibition hall, Meizu, Meizu said the next step will be the construction of the new headquarters and R & D center, increase product development efforts, and strive to achieve the 2018 output value of 30 billion yuan, three years exceeded 50 billion yuan.

is interesting, Meizu latest flagship PRO 7 also appeared in the scene, especially the back screen function, particularly is to show the leadership.

Li Zezhong said, as local enterprises in Zhuhai, Meizu from scratch, from small to large, intelligent mobile phone market China among the top five, Zhuhai has become the first brand of consumer electronic products, has made great contribution to the economic and social development in Zhuhai. High-tech zones and related departments should support the Meizu Technology Ltd as a key enterprise, do a good job of service, and pay close attention to coordinate and promote the relevant work of the new headquarters base construction, and help enterprises achieve greater development.

Li Zezhong is full of confidence in the future development of Meizu Technology Ltd, enterprises hope to further accelerate the pace of development, expand the scale of enterprises, improve the level of product, complete the objectives and tasks of the next few years with the greatest determination. To actively play the role of agglomeration, accelerate the improvement of the smart phone industry chain, attracting more related enterprises settled in Zhuhai, forming a smart phone industry cluster. We should continue to increase investment and upgrade the technological innovation capability of enterprises. In the fierce competition, they will win more market share through the latest technology and products. Click to see the


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