38 of the world's top children will go to the museum, from the 8 classic documentary Preview

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with the attitude of the children grew up with an eye opener, from long experience, the child subtle general enlightenment and morality shaping even world view the importance of self-evident. Young business schools have been advocating "Museum Travel", and museums around the world are natural places to visit.

we've recommended 7 APP from the world's most famous museums (click on reading). Today, you recommend 8 College Museum of classic documentary, involving a total of 38 world famous museums (note that we recommend different types of documentary last month began a series of well, yes, we set up the educational documentary studio, stay tuned for more exciting), are made of sophisticated, rich in content, let the children stay at home will be able to travel around the world. Whether as a preparation for the trip before the trip, or out of human accomplishment, it is worth collecting. See the link to get the guide at the end of the article.

Museum Secrets

1, secret Museum -- Exploration of unknown


: watercress watercress friends "Mu Buddhist": "history and cultural relics behind the secret, hidden truth is always amazing. "

is probably the most complete history museum documentary collection, movie theme words is" secret ", hidden under the watchful eyes of the people behind the exhibits" gossip ", let a person see couldn't stop! The

series consists of 3 seasons and 22 episodes, each episode, host or historian will take us to visit a museum, a huge treasure from well-known, far and near the Le Louvre Museum, the Vatican Museums, go to the Jerusalem museum full of mystery, and then travel to have a unique style of London Maritime museum.

more exciting is that those exposed from behind the exhibits lies in: the original Michelangelo's vengeful "boy", and Napoleon Royal enqiu is cut constantly tangled......

this film is not a list of exhibits, but tells the story behind the exhibits, explore the origin of exhibits, let us eye opening, understand the corresponding history. After reading, only to find that the museum is a mysterious world, in addition to amazing or amazing.



3, the Vatican Museum of Le Louvre Museum Royal Museum of Ontario

4, the Egyptian Museum in

5, the British Natural History Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History,




9, London's Imperial War Museum of anthropology in Mexico City National Museum Berlin Museum,


11, Vienna Art Museum, Istanbul Museum, Athens



14, the National Archaeological Museum of Elmi Tash the museum


16, Madrid, Jerusalem Palace Museum in Israel

17, the Moscow State Historical Museum

18, Italy Art Museum, Florence urfe,


20, London Maritime Museum of Paris Palace of Versailles, Washington

21 Smithson, Institute of

22, scores of Tunisia national museum

2, Badu Museum of life

Museum Of Life

- with a small fan of science on biological evolution process of

saucourt watercress watercress friends: 9.1

science Liaoning piece uncle ":" all sorts of contribution in the film talk to the Museum of natural history and possible potential are very fresh, much more than I have the museum and look forward to the ideas of the content of the documentary. "The

Museum of natural history has more than 7000 collections, unlike art collections, all of which once existed in the world. This piece of a total of 6 sets, combining the history of true to life animal specimens, explain to the audience from the natural world.

in addition, the host Jimmy Doherty will go behind the scenes, and the museum staff close exchanges, explore the vast collections of secrets, tell you that the story behind the scenes: the museum is how? Why do you want to save more than 7000 pieces of specimens? What is the connection between scientists' work in the museum and the world today? What contributions did they make to protect biodiversity and prevent tropical infectious diseases?

if there is a small fan of Science in your family, love of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures, it is not to be missed.

first: the modern world museum

second sets:

set: third mining past biological details

fourth sets:

set: Fifth found infinite power insect

sixth sets: the future of


Treasures of Le Louvre museum treasures the Louvre

- close watch let people score the century masterpiece


: watercress watercress friends is my pastoral corn bubble ":" the film put a lot of hidden treasures and historical series, meanders, interspersed with historical pictures and vivid detailed fragments. "

is already more than 800 years old, Le Louvre Museum, museum collection catalog

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