Do not want children to become mediocre, dad should strive to do these 20!

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zhongguoyouerjiaoyuwang· 2017-08-18 12:56:05

every child with a flash point to the world, a good father to do is not to let the children grow up in the process of killing flash points and become mediocre. These 20 suggestions are very practical, and must do their best for the children!

1. maybe you have many dreams, no chance to realize, don't let the children do it instead of you.

remember, that's your dream, not your child's dream. If you have just been a parent, and you still have time to fulfill your dreams, be a role model for your children.

2. please squat down and talk to your child.

I love it and spoke to him, for the children, but also to give enough respect, in other words, for more than 3 years of age children, you can't regard him as a "child", but a relationship of equality to treat, how equal? Be equal before height.

3., when children play together, the problems between them are solved by themselves.

they quarrel or fight or not, I think they are things, parents do not doped in children between the "conflict", a child, after finished, do not hold a grudge, but 5 minutes to go and play, while adults often is not the case, at the same time, adults also should not be too "speech" to "teach children to deal with it, we can do, is a kind of active guide.

4. be patient with children playing games, even if you really think his game content is boring.

he likes to play hide and seek with me. He has nothing to hide. Also like to let me accompany him to fight, but also a little technical content is not playing, but I like his game, but also willing to play with me. As a matter of fact, "parents are the best toys for children", so we should all do great toys for children.

5. try reading a classic story in turns with your child. When

, the children can try, feel very meaningful, this kind of "play" is actually a very good influence, is the epitome of children of the adult, you how to behave, how he would behave.

6. visits the bookstore with children every month for more than two hours.

7. let the child pay a little effort or wait to meet his wishes, so that he is easy to learn to cherish.

now the children do not lack the "material conditions", their sense of superiority is enough, is the lack of "frustration" or a "hard" environment exercise, this environment, children may not know what to cherish.

8. in addition to praise, there must be punishment, but punishment education is not equivalent to a simple stick education.

punishment can not be many, but to "ruthless", that is, must have effect, otherwise there is no memory. Praise and encouragement are more recommended, but they should not be "good", but should be encouraged to do "good"".

9. when he cheated, never compromise.

can never compromise, but it's much more difficult when there's an old man. In general, if only three of us at home, relatively easy to handle, because the idea is relatively uniform, for a long time, the children also know that there is no sense, it will be easy to handle.

10. remember your parents' weakness is, the greater the child, the more we are always with his shortcomings. And he was born when the vision to appreciate him.

encourage, must encourage, similar words do not say (how could you be so stupid ah; others are, how could you not do), a big blow for the people, on the other hand, others say these words to you, how do you feel?

11. set an example to keep children away from tv.

12. starts at the elementary school at the latest and must do chores for him.

small housework, 2-3 years old, you can, such as wiping toys or something, the children prefer to do it, a kind of "admitted" feeling, my son always take big mop or small dishcloth, wipe everywhere.

13. never care too much about children's achievements at first, but care about whether he likes school or not. The

results are not representative of what one is concerned about his "interest", whether love studying in this school, and for the achievement, personal feeling, more important is, is a continuous progress (every time), the two is to pay attention to and Reflection on the "wrong" title.

14. don't go to the Olympic math, where the best use of training genius slogan toss ordinary people.

personal point of view, the daily classes, piano classes, dance classes, taekwondo classes, and so it's not overdo sth. a happy childhood, so a child in the city, and already will kill the early childhood, grow up happily and healthily, to develop a good habit is more important than what.

15. chess, swimming, cycling, playing upgrade, KTV, these ordinary people playing the project can teach him early.

16. trains him a lifelong interest.

whether it is elegant or popular, whether it is public or niche, music, art, literature, writing, collecting stamps, manual, these are very good, but do not just to test or to go to school to learn. These are really important, or else they can not communicate with others, they will be boring, and this boring will be accompanied by a long time, these should be raised from childhood.

17. made him stick to the same sports as everyone else, badminton, table tennis, basketball, football, and platoon

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