When children grow up, there are three things that are important

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Zheng Guofan said, whether a child has no breath, look at the three: first, to see the children get up; second look, he is not active to do housework; third, the child is not love reading.

one, see when the child gets up,

get up on behalf of a person's self-management ability. As the saying goes: "a day's plan in the morning.". If you're energetic in the morning, this day will work out well.

now has another saying: "one day's plan is last night.". Last night to do some planning, do some preparation, second days will go straight to the theme, will not blindly act.

got up on the bed, representing him last night, and very well placed on his own management. He can get up on time to prove that his schedule is in line with the laws of the world. Sleep well last night, good physical recovery, second days A fighting spirit soars aloft. To do things methodically and efficiently.

can not get up, because of lack of sleep last night. The rest of the time is late, lack of sleep. Second days is not depressed, do things easily get. "

" in the study about Lu Xun was late for school because of a teacher, was accused, he felt ashamed. Then carved a "early" word on the desk, used to remind myself.

and Lu Xun mentioned why he was late that day: Lu Xun's father was seriously ill, he would go to the pharmacy when back a good cook end to father drink drink, he didn't go to school. Lu Xun thinks he shouldn't be late for a reason. He can get up earlier.

since then, Lu Xun has never been late, and has come to school day by day. Lu Xun is by virtue of his: "always early, everything early" spirit, wrote the "battle cry", "madman diary", "Ah Q true story" and other world-renowned literary works. A writer known as "the largest territory on the map of East Asian culture in the twentieth Century"". "Those who control the morning can control life," says Mr.


goes to bed early and gets up early, conforming to the normal working routine of the human body. Not only will you have a healthy body, but it will also give you a better future.

two, the initiative to do their own thing (housework),

"love war", the male guests determined to associate with him, two years of female guests broke up. Unlike in the past, there are also male guests' mothers. I saw the mother of Pearl

male guests artillery like female guests:

scolded her at home never cook; she

underwear and socks do not wash in the side of the bed;

my son she ate dinner, a bowl of throw lying on the sofa watching TV;

she doesn't eat her quilt;

peel in the trash, flies everywhere will not go down...

... In the male guests mother Shirupozhu catharsis, Tu Lei of host mother a little pause. He asked the woman guest: "

," who does the housework in your house? "

" from my parents started a company to earn money, the family hired a nanny. I never do housework, and my parents just give me money to spend! "

", "id_imagebox_3" is a rich woman. Their family may be rich, but the money is earned by her parents. It has nothing to do with her. The mother in law just doesn't agree with them, take her as saying: "if my son marries her, then I can't wait on her for a lifetime.".

saw that her parents earned money to make her proud, but not to make her noble.

's parents will make money and invite nannies. Don't let her do the housework, not his daughter developed nobility, but a voluptuous slut.

women are lazy in their parents and parents can forgive them. If the husband also do what day will be a feather. No one will treat you like a parent.

parents will make money, not on behalf of themselves will make money. Do housework from a young age directly affect a person's adult age?. The adult family is your own, and you have to build it yourself. Love can not resist the trivial housework.

although we do not advocate women to do housework, but at least share with each other. Such families will be harmonious.

Qing Dong's childhood, her father was the devil training on her

when she was seven years old began to use the spare time to go to work, to the hotel bed floor;

to the restaurant dish brush chopsticks, but also come back to take home.

she experiences hardship and hard work in making money.

in father's military training education, Qing Dong suffered terribly. Although she has less fun for her peers, she has cultivated her sense of independence, a strong will and a good personality.

housework is a habit of labor. It can not only improve people's ability to live, but also enhance family harmony, so that you know how to cherish life. To do well in housework is also a branch of learning, and a necessary ability to survive. It can affect a person's whole life.

Voltaire said, "work is the fountain of cheerfulness.".

three, children like reading,

look at a child when he grows up, there is no future, it depends on whether he liked reading when he was a child.

"people do not learn, do not know justice, do not know."". Throughout the ages, "better than three generations" is "big"

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