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"Dragon Quest 11" team talked about the concept and development status of Chinese version of the game

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danglewangshoujiyouxi· 2017-08-18 14:13:44

Square Enix recently held in Taiwan "Dragon Quest 11" conference and event, the game's producer Okamoto compass, director Chikawa Take, director of the house there are three series of publicity for the game came to the scene Chinese version. In the meantime, two people interviewed by the Taiwan media, revealed a lot of game behind the scenes development story.

Okamoto Kitato and Chikawa Take

Chikawa Take said, originally in the position of producers should be the overall deployment of resources, the development of the game should be carried out according to the idea of the director, but because of the development of "Dragon Quest 11" too big, the the producer also helped a lot in the development. The game is currently on sale, more than 3 million sales, received feedback is very positive, looking at the whole series, this is also a very good works, which makes them very happy.

Mr. Uchiyama Take also mentioned that the core idea in the new discussion and Horii Yuji, because this is the eleventh generation of works, so the final decision will be new to create a new generation of "one", as a series of new starting point. To this end, the whole team re examined the value of the series and created a new starting point. The subtitle of the game, "recalling the passing moments", is a special surprise for Mr. Horii Yuji, and I believe you will understand the intention after you experience the game.

at the same time, Mr. Uchiyama Take also thanked the assistance of SIE will be converted into Chinese game show, and the game a lot of Japanese cold jokes are thought up by many middle-aged uncle, colleagues in the culture is the strenuous brain cold joke into smooth Chinese joke, it is to let them quite admire.

" second, "Dragon Quest 11" no use "Dragon Quest heroes" voice system in the series, mainly because the play play, but also "Dragon Quest" the father of Mr. Horii Yuji insisted on supervision the script until the last moment. If the use of speech, once completed it is very difficult to modify the voice lines, which can not meet the demand of Mr. kujing male two, therefore can only give up the voice.

in addition, the game has no plans to add voice support in the form of network distribution. Because the game is the game player in the early stage of development are to buy a home, will be able to enjoy the full content of the game, so the "Dragon Quest 11" without any additional voice or similar additional things like DLC.

's biggest challenge when making games on different platforms is to let each version of the player experience the same story, so make sure each of the performances meets expectations. The PS4 version is the most elaborate of all versions, with the most detailed experience of characters, modules and facial expressions.

"Dragon Quest 11" text up to 230 words, because before the Japanese version of the game market, the story is highly confidential, all data are not allowed to leave the building. Therefore, they requested the SIE cultural center to send three translation officers to the Square Enix department for 4 months behind closed doors. But because the workload is too large, coupled with additional debugging time, so failed to synchronize listing.

" Chinese said, "Dragon Quest" series in recent years, the core idea of the Asian market is as much as possible and Japan simultaneously launched the game, but because many of the works to Mr Horii Yuji's script to finalize the cultural work, all synchronous launch challenges is very large. The "Dragon Quest 11" Chinese version although delayed, but can at this rate in Asia to launch support thanks to SIE in the cultural center. The

"Dragon Quest 11" was not like the 9 and 10 generation that use a custom role, because from the first generation they want to experience by making the game player created by the protagonist, but they also have to avoid the protagonist too distinct personality and influence internationally into a sense. On the other hand, they also hope to create a common memory for the players through a consistent image.

also because of this point, the paper doll system in the game can only be a very limited performance, because you want to maintain the consistency of roles.

" it is worth mentioning that the "Dragon Quest 11" Chinese version cannot be directly inherited the Japanese version of the file, but through the resurrection incantation to substantially inherit story progress.

addition, Square Enix is not currently revealed "Dragon Quest 11" Chinese version can also be made as early as the Japanese version of "Dragon Quest" heavy plate in the clearance, but their core ideas is a global game player to enjoy the same content, it will continue to work hard.

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