Japan India China responded: don't help talking nonsense

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huanqiuwang· 2017-08-18 17:49:15

" according to India media reported on 18, the Japanese ambassador to India Matsuhyun Ji Ping said, "Japan against any party to force to change the status quo, agree that the India question is" long hole intervention based on bilateral agreements with bhutan". It was also interpreted by the India media as "a clear criticism of China.". In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on the 18, the Japanese ambassador to India is perhaps really wants to help India to speak, "but I still want to remind him, before getting the facts, it is best not to talk. "

" first, the territorial dispute does not exist in the long hole area, because the border section of Sikkim is the two sides have mutual acknowledge and abide by the boundary has been set for 127 years; second, in an attempt to cross the border illegally to be made to change the status quo of India is not China. "China Daily said at a regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs that day.

, according to media reports, before the announcement of Hiramatsu Kenji, no big country has supported India on the issue of hang long.

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