Foreign media: the United States owes Chinese most money trade war into a trump card

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cankaoxiaoxi· 2017-08-18 17:49:17

according to Reference News reported on August 18th, German media said, the United States President Trump plans to investigate China's trade behavior, Beijing threatened to take countermeasures. All this can end up in a tough trade war. But China still has a trump card in hand.

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German news website reported on August 15th, the Sino US trade conflict intensified at the same time, China once again become the U. S. government's biggest creditor: America owes Chinese money -- totaling $1 trillion and 150 billion to any country in the world not. The U.S. Treasury Department released data show that China holdings of US Treasury bonds reached the number at the end of June. At the end of May to about $44 billion less than this.

with China's holdings in June, China once again overtook Japan as the largest creditor of the US government. Japanese holdings of treasury bonds fell by $20 billion 500 million in June, to $1 trillion and 90 billion.

, the two Asian countries, holds a total of US Treasury bonds, accounting for 2/3 of the total US Treasury bonds held abroad. Japan took the place of China last fall as America's biggest creditor.

during this period, trade disputes between China and the United States intensified. After Trump announced an investigation into China's trade practices, China threatened to take counter measures if the United States sanctions it.

Trump has accused China of "unfair" trade practices, especially China selling steel on dumping prices in the US market. Last week, the Commerce Department announced tariffs on imports of aluminum foil from china. Chinese manufacturers plan to take legal measures to protect their rights and interests.

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