China visited the northern battle zone via the United States to signal North Korea

North Korea the United States military signal

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8" in the morning of 17 August, the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Fan Changlong at the Bayi building met with visiting U.S. chairman Deng Fude. Photo by Li Xiaowei

according to the United States, "the Wall Street journal" website reported on August 17th, the U.S. Supreme Commander said on August 16th, on behalf of him and Chinese discussed several ways of Sino US military cooperation, hope in the war and the outbreak of the Korean situation, don't risk of misjudgment.

analysts and diplomats said that concerns about tensions on the Korean nuclear weapons and missile programs initiated, so the two sides put aside some mutual distrust, and strengthen the exchanges between the two armies.

August 16th Deng Fude visited the border monitoring PLA NCAC (United States senior officers almost never visited the area), watch live fire exercises and Chinese people's Liberation Army officers and soldiers after lunch, he introduced the talks in August 15th.

reported that Deng Fude's visit plan had been drawn up long before President Trump's war with North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun was heated up.

but the analysts and diplomats said that the government decided to push the visit at a sensitive time, reflecting China's growing dissatisfaction with North korea. "The visit seems to indicate that the threat from North Korea is growing, and China is as worried as the United States," said Ge Jun, an expert on China at the center for strategic and international studies at


Deng Fude said he (and China) discussed extensively what urgent measures should be taken in the case of a conflict with North Korea, and stressed the need for a strong communication mechanism with china. He did not specify how China responded.

Deng Fude's visit to China, the two U.S. and South Korea's military are preparing for large-scale military exercises in South Korea in August 21st. North Korea blamed the annual exercise as a preview of the invasion of North korea.

, the National Bureau of Asian Studies and China's military affairs expert, Roy Camphausen pointed out that although China and North Korea are allies, the two countries have never held any joint training or exercises.

he said that the government would use the Chinese Deng Fude's visit to the northern theater machine released a strong signal to North korea.

, at least, shows that China may not support North Korea militarily, he said. In addition, it may also suggest to some of the North Korean government that the United States and China may engage in military cooperation at a certain level.

reported that China has long rejected the United States' request for consultation and communication between the two countries. The United States proposed consultations between China and the United States to prevent the outbreak of the Korean crisis, the United States and China's actions conflict. Experts say the new discussions between the United States and China show a shift in China's thinking.

the United States hopes that the US and the Chinese military will eventually establish a multifaceted relationship. US military officials, for example, said Vincent Brooks, the commander of the US military in Korea, should have direct contact with commanders in the northern Chinese Theater of war. The northern theater is responsible for maintaining the stability of the border between China and korea.

Deng Fude told reporters in August 16th that a preliminary dialogue on the potential crisis in the Korean Peninsula should begin before the crisis broke out.

, he said, it is helpful for the two countries to establish effective communication mechanisms, and in the event of a crisis, the two sides can communicate immediately, thereby avoiding miscarriage of justice and deepening the crisis.

U.S. military officials said the Deng Fude August 16th watch in the northern theater of China's continued level of military exercises did not seem to show any special possibilities for the North Korean crisis.

but according to China's defense ministry, Deng Fude's troops were a synthetic brigade of the army". Military experts said that this is in Chinese changed under the new military unit of the formation in the past few months, is located in the northeast of Chinese troops to deal with potential, including the United States military strike North Korea crisis.

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