62 years specializing in explosives, unpopular professional, he was playing with fire

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today's hero is a fellow named Wang Zeshan who has worked with gunpowder for a lifetime. 3 times to overcome the world's problems, 3 won the national science and technology award, 62 years obsessed with explosive technology research, weapons and equipment to capture a number of key technologies, so that China's explosive technology onto the top of the world. Behind every honor has a kind of story, of late years to remain the "young stubborn heart? Biography

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Wang Zeshan, Professor, doctoral tutor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology in 1960, graduated from Harbin Institute of military engineering, 1999 was elected as academician of Academy of Engineering Chinese. Published 14 monographs, published more than 100 papers, won 1 National Science and technology progress award, 2 National Technical Invention Award, was awarded "national outstanding scientific and technological workers" honorary title.

even broke 3 world problems, the "popular" professional "fire"

" in the explosives, has been considered in the industry foundation, too dry, too dangerous, or even a lifetime is not the name of the work. However, Wang Zeshan simply spent 62 years, the "unpopular" professional to do "fire.". Along with the explosive

years, he conquered Obsolete Explosives by a number of key technologies, there will be significant security risks and environmental risks of the "dangerous goods", became the best-selling products at home and abroad and with 20 kinds of energetic materials at low temperature; in the sense of technology, he found new materials to compensate for temperature effect, significantly improve the propellant utilization rate of energy, and solves the problem of long-term storage. This year, with a breakthrough in the field of energetic materials research, Wang Zeshan third times the national science and technology award, known as the "three champion" of the scientific community".

as we all know, artillery is called "the God of war"". In conventional warfare, without long distance, powerful artillery support, the initiative to win the war is out of the question. To this end, the world's military powers put a lot of money into the development of high-performance artillery.

far range and module launching charge are the key technologies of high performance artillery, and also the development direction of modern artillery system. Many countries have spent many years and spent huge sums of money, and they have not made any key breakthroughs.

at that time, the outsider, Wang Zeshan has been sixty years of age can not be a risk to retire after winning merit, then run the "minefield". But Wang Zeshan did not stop because of honor, and then he launched a charge for the new range of range and module launch charge technology.

20 years as one day, after a long and hard drug research, new technology and use their ballistic theory Wang Zeshan another way to the creation, and finally developed a uni modular universal charge technology.

"full modular charging technology" substantially improves the range of artillery by increasing the utilization of propellant energy without changing the overall structure of the gun and without increasing the chamber pressure. "Through experiments, the gun increased its range by 20% after applying the new technology, reducing its maximum launching overload by 25%, and its ballistic performance was well over that of other countries.". At present, this technology has been widely used in the development and production of various types of weapons and equipment in china. The

explosive is his most satisfying choice, his choice also changed the explosive

" until now, most people prefer missiles, rockets, computers in the field of military explosives and weapons status, is involved in the launch and completion of the necessary parts damage "".

indeed, dynamite is not a popular profession, even mysterious and unremarkable, but Wang Zeshan is satisfied with his choice. In his view, the explosive is an important manifestation of the national defense strength. "Without it, conventional weapons and sophisticated weapons are difficult to function. "

was chosen in the explosives, a humiliation from memory when he was young,

Wang Zeshan was born in the Japanese colonial rule of the northeast, witnessed the aggressors committed a great sin. "You are Chinese, and your country is China.". "Father's words are deeply engraved on Wang Zeshan's heart.

not conquered, there must be a strong defense. After graduating from high school, he went back to Harbin military engineering academy, and chose one of the most unpopular majors at the time - dynamite. The research field of

explosive is narrow and dangerous, but it is of great significance. In the past few hundred years, China's explosive technology has developed slowly. "What the country needs, it needs people to do it."! "From then on, the study of explosives became his lifelong mission.

the road is not easy. At the beginning of the founding of new China, the research and production of explosives and propellants in China were very backward, mainly relying on the Soviet Union to build up. As the Soviet Union unilaterally tore up the contract and withdrew all the experts, the research of explosive technology in China was once in a difficult situation.

at this time, Wang Zeshan has just come to work, soon, there is no technical foreign aid, there is no advanced research platform, but these did not discourage him, but inspired his morale. Tracking replica,

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