Indian media said it would deploy camels to the border to transport weapons and ammunition

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haiwaiwang· 2017-08-18 17:49:30

source: India today website

overseas network on 18 August, Indian media said, the Indian army will introduce Shuangfeng camel in the India China border in Ladakh, to help India to send military weapons and supplies, to complete the task of logistics transport.

according to the "India today" reported on 18, the Indian army in the Ladakh region near the line of actual control of the harsh terrain using Shuangfeng camel. Reported that the actual control line in China and India for hundreds of kilometers, poor climate, oxygen thin, rugged terrain, difficult transport of machinery, so such as ponies, camels, yaks and donkeys and other animals are widely used.

reported that camels, compared with other animals, had special advantages in strength and endurance. These camels in Shuangfeng can weigh 250 kilograms, 5 times more than the traditional short legged horse.

reports that they will not only ship supplies for the Indian army, but will even transport weapons. Study on high altitude defense in Ladakh region of the India (DIHAR) has been studied by animal transport, health and nutrition research and training and other aspects of them, so that the animal for India military service.

according to the "India times" reported that the India Investigation Corps Ladakh 5 battalions, each battalion of about 900 people, in 2001 to become the standing army in Cargill after a conflict.

previously, for the Indian media said: "the border in Ladakh region took place in the China India border guards threw stones at each other events", foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying on the 16 day of the regular press conference in response to said, I do not know your specific situation said. China's border guards have always been committed to maintaining peace and tranquility in the border areas of China and India, and have been patrolling the Chinese side of the line of control. China urges India abide by the agreement on agreement between the two countries, to comply with the 1959 line of actual control, and earnestly safeguard the peace and stability of the border areas.

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