Kojima Hideo: entangled in the outcome, the game will not evolve

Play kill shoot die aground

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recently, Toyo Keizai Online conducted an in-depth interview with Kojima Hideo, in an interview with the lower half of the content released today, Kojima Hideo talked about the nature of the game, he believes that in accordance with the status quo continues, the game is difficult to evolve.

" game spread

reporter interview that such a situation: the big game in the global sales, the drawback is the "killing game" everywhere.

in this regard, Kojima Hideo issued a view that the more extreme:

is not limited to television games, "game" this thing, in the final analysis, there is always a victory or defeat".

from mora, to sports, chess poker, between winners and losers is basic, even the Olympic also has a "national level game" this side. The same is true of television games that reproduce these things digitally. Winning or defeating the enemy will lead to spiritual catharsis, which will lead to more and more killing games. "It's a shame," says Kojima Hideo.

here, he also mentioned shooting games, shooting games behind the implication of "shooting from the opposite side to shoot back", "beaten back to play back" such action principle. Even if such questions as "why should we overthrow the enemy" and "whether our actions are correct" will eventually be lost to euphoria?.

Kojima Hideo also said that with the evolution of technology, the game screen has reached the film standards, role characteristics, world outlook, ideology and religion also can through the picture show. But gameplay has fundamentally nothing to change. You'll have to knock the enemy down when you hit the other side.

"from here, to the next game stage", so far has not been done. This is also a big problem.

's next new book, "dead grounding", I'd like to give an answer to the subject.

AI era, human beings are also necessary,

in recent years, AI is very hot, before the emergence of AI, down with various chess masters, AI defeated DOTA strong such a situation. In talking about AI, Kojima Hideo said, in the near future, perhaps AI will help game development, and even game studios have disappeared, . But the creator will not die.

, he believes, even in the AI era, creators are also necessary. The sequel, acceptable to all projects should be proud of AI, through the analysis of large data can also know what works to hot. However, "no one can think of it" or a writer's work can only be found in the human brain. in turn, if this part were lost to AI, there would be no need for human beings.

" in an interview in the island Hideo mentioned, in the current industry situation, people often only in a narrow field of specialization, while not overlooking the global. He also said that not only is the games and movies, after the entertainment industry environment will be changed, the era of attention the creators of ideas, sensibility, creativity and execution will come.

source: Toyo economic Online

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