The beginning of September, this course starting from the first grade primary school

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recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice pointed out that since September 2017, the national primary school science curriculum for the first grade junior grade adjustment, that is to say , from the beginning of September this year, the first grade primary school should establish science class.

notice requires primary school to open a separate science class, weekly arrangement of not less than 1 hours, three to six class hours remain unchanged. new revised "compulsory education primary school science curriculum standards" also released. What exactly does

's new science curriculum standard say? How will our primary students learn science in the future? Xiaobian for you to do a comprehensive comb.

", "new science curriculum standards" what changes?

1. from this year, there are science classes in grade 1-2 in primary school too! Science will become an important subject at the primary level, just as important as Chinese and maths.

2. explicitly added technology and engineering content.

3. clearly adds responsibility for society and the environment, not only the application of science and technology in reality, but also the thinking of the impact of science and technology on ethics, environment and life.


1. clearly new technology and engineering , if the current STEAM architecture, clear T and E, that is, the importance of technology and engineering.

2. clearly adds responsibility for society and the environment. is not only a practical application of science and technology, but also a new thinking about the impact of science and technology on ethics, environment and life.


1. divides three academic segments. is divided into 1-2 grades, grade 3-4, Grade 5-6 and grade three. phase is more detailed knowledge. Grade 1-2 science class.

2. learning evaluation method more yuan. From the previous performance evaluation, paper pen test evaluation, comprehensive evaluation into classroom teaching evaluation, student self-evaluation and mutual evaluation, and summative evaluation. In , summative assessment includes paper and pen testing, evaluation, performance evaluation, authenticity evaluation, and portfolio.

, what are the requirements of the Ministry of education? The importance of science education, to fully understand the

1 primary school science education is an important part of the work is to enhance the moral education, based on the scientific quality, the construction of an innovative country. Primary school science education is of great significance to arouse and protect children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, to cultivate students' scientific spirit and practical innovation ability. All localities should attach great importance to and take the curriculum as the guide, and earnestly strengthen primary school science education.

2, strengthen the study and training work around

to fully carry out the curriculum standards of advocacy and training into comprehensive, principals and teachers training plan, organize special training to strengthen staff training. According to the local actual education especially teachers, the overall design of training courses, enrich the methods of training, pay attention to the theory and practice of training and training combined, and the basic concept to help principals and teachers understand the curriculum standards, to enhance the level of education.

3, to ensure the implementation of required classes,

primary school science course, starting grade adjustment for grade one. In our organization to revise the compulsory education curriculum experiment scheme, in principle, according to the primary school grade one or two every week not less than 1 hours arrangement course, three to six class hours remain unchanged.

4, strengthen the teaching practice link,

should guide teachers to implement core requirements of students' development, and organize teaching according to curriculum standards. Attention should be paid to experimental teaching, and strive to create a suitable learning environment, and promote students to actively participate in, explore actively, and guide students to do every experiment. Teachers should strengthen the practice of inquiry process guidance, pay attention to guide students to combine hands-on and brain, enhance students' awareness of problems, and cultivate their innovative spirit and practical ability.

5, strengthen the organization and leadership of curriculum implementation,

should strengthen overall planning and organize and implement it carefully. To combine the actual situation, reasonable allocation of primary school science teachers, and gradually establish a part-time and part-time staff of teaching and research team. More funds should be invested to ensure laboratory construction, facilities, equipment and consumables. We should optimize the construction of curriculum resources, give full play to the role of family, community and off campus youth activities, and create favorable conditions for ensuring the implementation of the curriculum. We should strengthen the monitoring and supervision of curriculum implementation, and establish feedback and improvement mechanisms for primary school science curriculum management to ensure the full implementation of the curriculum.

, the new science curriculum standards, what are the main contents? What do

1 and science courses Learn?

life science and material science of earth and space science and engineering technology,


1. the basic concept of curriculum for all students, to provide appropriate and equitable learning opportunities for each student.

2. advocates inquiry learning to promote students' initiative inquiry.

3. protects students' curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

4. highlights the dominant position of students.

3, curriculum objectives

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