Indian media said China's 4 strategic nuclear submarines with a box deterrence India

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xinlangjunshi· 2017-08-18 18:59:45

, a India netizen posted on social media today, said: "China rarely shows strategic nuclear submarines, deter India." what's the matter?

originally, Google earth has recently updated a number of satellite photos, including Hainan Sanya Yalong Bay pictures updated to March 8, 2017, this is the first public satellite photos show near the Chinese nuclear submarine pier 4 parked 094 strategic nuclear submarines. In 2014, a network of photos showed the first 3 strategic nuclear submarines in China parked at the naval base in Sanya, which now shows that the Chinese navy has at least 4 094 type nuclear submarines, 094. A modern 092 - type submarine with 5 ballistic missile strategic nuclear submarines.

Google maps updated March 8th photo display, 4 type 094 nuclear submarines moored in Sanya a base

according to the U.S. Congress released the annual report on China's military intelligence agency, 094 strategic nuclear submarines have begun to perform combat duty.

the submarine can carry 12 pieces of "2 wave" intercontinental missiles, rumors that the missile has a range of nearly 8000 kilometers, close to the Russian Bulava missile, waves 2 missile with single warhead warhead equivalent, equivalent is 1 million tons, mainly used for strategic nuclear deterrence. In the South China Sea fortress launch area, the missile can attack the Asia Pacific region and the Pacific and India ocean island base, but if you want to attack the United States, to North Bohai Bay, and even through the sea of Japan, to launch the characteristics of Chinese oceanographic conditions determine that China must be developed than the Russian submarine launched strategic missile range in order to further missile in the waters surrounding their deterrent the United States into the Russian nuclear submarine used in the Okhotsk Sea fortress domain.

of China's manufacturing of the world's largest conventional submarines 200 boats, the boats charged with testing Chinese submarine systems, recently appeared on the Internet the boat heightening the fairwater photos, show that 3 waves may be ready to test the

has loaded the boat news that the range of 12000 km or more, from the South China Sea waters throughout the United States hit the fortress "wave 3" missiles are being developed.

recently appeared on China's Navy 200 boat photos showed that our only submarine test boat has increased the command platform surrounding shell, may be for the test "wave 3" missile preparation.

2014 year 3 type 094 nuclear submarines in Sanya base (in the same period and three 094 and one in 093 types of photos, is part of the media. "4 ships 094")

2016" in July, fourth type 094 nuclear submarines photos first appeared on the Internet, the boat seems to raise the "turtle"

after the online Chinese Navy fourth type 094 nuclear submarines photos show the boat "turtle" may be heightened, is considered to be ready for carrying the "3 wave" missile. In view of the improvement of the 200 boat, the long wave 3 may be limited, and there is a possibility that some of the previous 094 types may be improved locally so that it can be fired. An old photo after more than six months by

India media hype "nuclear submarine" again Chinese docked in Pakistan, this is actually a type 039 conventional submarine

in four nuclear submarines with box shows the new achievements in the construction of nuclear power Chinese sea based strategic, but in fact nothing and deter India. However, in fact this is not India's Internet Things seldom seen are strange. (and the media) for the first time, outdated Google earth pictures rendering "China threat" in India earlier this year a number of media burst big news, "said satellite photos show the type 093 nuclear submarines Chinese appeared in the Pakistan pier, but the funny thing is a little bit of common sense can see that a few years ago China a type 039 submarine docked in Karachi photographs.

India media and Internet users still do not understand, the worry is perhaps should be Qinghai's position on the satellite photo of … …

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