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weifengwang· 2017-08-18 20:05:06

" earlier this week, Barclays Bank investors in a report, only 11% of the respondents are willing to spend more than $1000 in iPhone. Most people only want to buy equipment for $582, or 48.5 dollars a month for 12 months. In this group of iPhone users, iPhone is willing to spend more than $1000 in the proportion of slightly higher, nearly 18% of the consumers are using iPhone can accept this price.

after the news, this year's new iPhone 8 pricing may exceed $1200, or even up to 1400 U. S. dollars.

whether you can accept or not, iPhone 8 will be released sooner or later, and the price may be more than $1000. What about the users who want to buy? Don't forget Apple's launch of the iPhone project every year.

iPhone Upgrade Program iPhone - hwan new plan, currently in China only supports iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, within 14 days after the purchase to spend 988 yuan to buy AppleCare+, 10-13 months after in exchange for future new models released, and enjoy the preferential price of existing mobile phone 50%.

this service is essentially based on AppleCare+ services, you can with preferential price change hands every year old iPhone, to buy a new iPhone, its purpose is tied to increase user viscosity. With iPhone's annual program,

can easily upgrade to the new iPhone every year and enjoy the security of the AppleCare+ all round service plan. It is believed that iPhone, 7S, iPhone, 7S, Plus, and iPhone 8 will also be automatically incorporated into the program after release.

, let's look at how a user first uses Apple's program to change machines every year, and what he thinks about the project. This year, through this project to buy iPhone 8 friends together to understand it:

2015 years, I spent two years - to be exact, fell two years, iPhone 5, the old exchange for new, bought a Taiwan iPhone 6S Plus. In 2016, I switched the device to iPhone 7 Plus through Apple's program, and I plan to continue the program by September this year, regardless of Apple's new device and new product.

although I admit that every year can be used on the new iPhone feeling really good, and the platform conversion and synchronization is also very convenient, but I have to say is, I'm not because he is the only technology lovers change every year with the latest iPhone. I chose Apple's iPhone initiative, mainly because of money.

unless the carrier has a discount, the cost will be the same through the apple program.

although iPhone has been released for 10 years, no one thinks it is out of date, and most iPhone users (about 92%) do not plan to change the iPhone on hand to other branded devices. And Consumer Intelligence Research Partners released data show that only 12% of users will buy iPhone directly through apple. 3/4 people will choose to buy new iPhone via wireless carriers, although operators are now less likely to offer subsidies or discounts.

CIRP co-founder Michael Levin said: "now the apple retail store campaign is very eye-catching, it is very easy for people to overlook the point, that is in the United States is still the majority of mobile phone operators in the sales. "

, some wireless operators will also launch similar staging projects, and some will look cheaper than apple's.. But what you should understand is that the retail price of the mobile phone you pay is the same. If the amount of each month is smaller, it may be because you have a longer period of time, or it does not include AppleCare+. Jim Suva, a senior analyst at

Citigroup, says many people will wait until 30 months before they can upgrade. It looks like it saves money, but it doesn't really save money. Through Apple's new program, the new machine will not only pay less installments per month, but you can also replace it every year.

if you're going to buy a new iPhone, but don't buy AppleCare+, use it for 30 months and then resell it, that's not really a bargain. For example, you buy $769 and sell it back to $30 for 135 months, so you spend $21 a month.

also has plans to keep up with changes. For example, when you expire, you sell the iPhone, but in the last few months you may also be responsible for the risk of breaking, broken screen, theft, etc..

I've tried two of them, so I'm pretty sure which one to choose. I prefer to pay $37 a month so that the phone is safe within my warranty and can replace a new one every September. Instead of paying $21 a month, you'll have to be careful when you're using it. Knock it down and you'll probably have an accident. And if the damage is too bad, the resale price will be affected.

lock free iPhone easy transfer or change operators

if your monthly calls package than iPhone month installment is expensive, if other operators have cheaper packages, wouldn't you want to change? In the apple store to buy iPhone, you can choose to buy a no lock version, operators want to change for. The new plan iPhone year

Hwan is not necessarily suitable for apple of course all, several factors must be taken into account:

AppleCare+ does not include stolen or stolen iPhone

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