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future network Beijing 18 August "the first time to queue up is 8 points, the front has been filled with people, about 280 people, so as not to get the number, so second days to go to queue at midnight.". "Zhang Liang is a Guizhou school student in Bijie, in order to apply for student loans, he was Qianxi County Education Bureau ran for 4 days. He had to wait at the gate of the Education Bureau at three a.m. because of the large number of people waiting in line.

students, long queues in the middle of the night. (by the respondents for the map)

Wang Wei is Zhang Liang's elder sister, a week earlier than Zhang Liang. Zhang Liang for the future network reporter at the time of her hair about: lines of credit from 4 in the morning, only to find that it's a little cold, after a while feeling cold. So I feel my millet phone from the bag, suddenly gratified, just as a warm baby.

"you look at her date (number 9) for so long, that's always the case. "Zhang Liang lamented. He came from the countryside and needed two or three hours' ride to get to the Education Bureau. "The room charge for the flowers will not be mentioned. The main reason is to delay the farm work at home.". He mentioned that the loan is mostly in remote villages and towns poor families of students, a county is not easy if handled Xudai procedures is a relatively simple, but for the first loan students must be loans to students and parents of students together in the field, time and energy cost is increased exponentially.

in addition, because the number of equal numbers is large, the procession from the Education Bureau to the opposite side of the road, in the middle of the night, if there is a traffic, the risk is quite large.

line up across the road. (by respondents for map)

for this, future network reporters call the Qianxi County Education Bureau, the staff received a phone call is a crying.

"we started working at 7 a. m., finished lunch at noon, and started working before 2, leaving work at 6 in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday are all for student loans. "The staff said that the student loans have been worked overtime so far, and more than 6000 student loan services have been handled. According to the standard number from 250 to 300 per day. She was slow to understand how slowly the students worked on the online education board. When a reporter asked about the current

is the early peak time for loans, whether it is possible to deploy more staff, more than the number issued for, the staff said, because this year Qianxi County Education Bureau is a demonstration for student loans, the introduction of the National Development Bank system, computer facilities, management personnel can increase machine Co., and the new buy a machine needs funds also need time, as a demonstration can not be the first time to buy a lot of machines.

in addition, the staff said that the introduction of new systems also have some impact on processing speed. "It used to be signed on paper, and now you need electronic scanning documents, about 5 to 6, and then upload, electronic signatures, and print them out and stamp them.". "Staff told reporters, there are network problems in the middle, if the upload fails, you have to wait. "Last year we are not using the net signed, you can apply for success. This is to carry out net signed inside the province's requirements, save for the data. "The staff said.

even if the pace has slowed, but the staff said that students can also take a day ahead of the number, second days for. For students running for four days to succeed, the staff said that it may not be accompanied by the student's own documents, a delay, the process has a certain relationship. "We have posted notices outside the door asking what documents they need, but they don't really see it, or just come and ask us, and we'll be delayed. "The staff said it was also very helpless.

, but in view of the current problems encountered in handling student loans, staff members will report to the higher level and the National Development Bank reflect, and strive to solve.

(respondents in the text are using a pseudonym)

Author: Liao Jin

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