Wang Sicong garage parked an electric car, let a person dumbfounding

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" this scene I believe many people know where, in a hotel in the underground garage, the garage is thinking. More time, here he stopped six or seven cars, now only four cars in 918, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls-Royce Daniel, Mu is the phantom coupe. Since these four cars are not "common" models, they have been placed here. What cars does he use? Crestron red Rolls-Royce ", Rolls-Royce white Yao shadow (some time ago a passerby went to the road encounter this car.).

" in addition to the car here, almost can'tmeet Sicong, because he used the car parked in an upscale district, where the car is only occasionally open, even if the car is not necessarily to yourself. In this hotel parking lot, these cars have not changed even in the order of parking. What kind of person can park a car here? Generally stay overnight guests can not, only "perennial" compartment can.

", although the luxury car is so little, but every time I go to a new "discovery", a red electric car was found in the garage, some people say that this is the baby think something is possible, he is not so much a luxury car. May also ride electric cars. Not for him, for other guests, or for staff?

battery car was parked in the Rolls-Royce Mirage Hotel reception next to the car, opposite the Crestron phantoms, but also accounted for a parking space. Not only was the car labeled with Ferrari, but there was a cell phone shelf on the handle. Was it the delivery order? That's a good place to choose.

" Ferrari motorcycle, which has never been electric cars, motorcycles and in downtown Shanghai is must have the license plate. Parking lot fee

of the The Peninsula Hotel is not cheap, at around $60 an hour, think of delivery can not be parked here. The electric car is opposite the Crestron's Rolls-Royce mirage about 8000000 door. Electric car owners are really wayward ah.

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Wang Sicong garage parked an electric car, let a person dumbfounding

Wang Sicong garage parked an electric car, let a person dumbfounding

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