This time, the United States is ruthless, and China has a unique challenge!

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is the world's two biggest economies experiencing a trade war? In the near future, this topic has occupied many domestic and foreign media important layout.

8 month 14 days, President Trump signed the memorandum of administrative licensing, the United States trade representative Wright chize review called "China trade behavior", including China in the field of technology transfer and intellectual property practices. 18, chize Wright said in a statement, the United States formally launched the "301 investigation" of China, a move that has caused the United States to take unilateral action from all walks of life to damage Sino US economic and trade relations concerns. image to that of beauty to propose "lynching"!

"with his own petard"

called the "301 investigation" from the "1974 Trade Law" article 301st. The provision authorizes the US trade representative to investigate other countries' unfair or unfair trade practices. The United States trade representative first sought consultations with foreign governments to seek trade compensation or eliminate trade barriers. If the negotiations fail to solve the problem, the United States can take trade relief measures, such as imposing additional tariffs, fees and restrictions on imports.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in 14, in the interests of China and the United States mingled with deep, has formed a close pattern of acommunity, a trade war has no future, no winner, will only lose.

" according to the Xinhua news agency quoted the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, despite the fact that, if the United States does not respect the multilateral trade rules and take damage to both economic and trade relations act, China will not sit idly by, and will take all appropriate measures to resolutely defend the legitimate rights and interests of chinese. The editorial in the financial times of the

pointed out that it would be counterproductive to try to use China's 301 terms, which are equivalent to the big stick, to force China to yield. The United States is actually playing the role of judges, juries and executioner at the same time, which raises the risk of a full-scale trade war.

" in fact, Sino US trade war in the history of the United States, more than once an attack on Chinese, but the result is not ideal. There are many cases that can be explained.

, after 1990s, there was a series of fierce economic and trade conflicts between China and the United States on the issue of MFN treatment. Especially on intellectual property issues, the United States two times threatened sanctions, announced a list of sanctions of up to $1 billion. But China has also released the not resigned to playing second fiddle, an anti sanctions list. China's anti sanctions action has played a good effect, the United States against the two countries "trade war" interest groups have run out "lobbying", "fire fighting."". The seething trade war ended in a timely agreement between the two countries".

China Network said, we can see that the United States launched a trade war against China, not necessarily accounted for what cheap".

China has a brand of

in hand. Now, in the face of the trade war Trump is determined to provoke, what measures can the Chinese government take to deal with it?

Fudan University lecturer, China Research Institute Chahar Institute researcher Wang Peng said that the United States trade war on China, the result can only be a, that is the one thousand enemy since the loss of eight hundred. This is because China has formed a "you have me, I have you" interests pattern. China can not live without the United States, and likewise, the United States can not do without china. According to media reports, at present, the United States exports 26% of Boeing aircraft, 56% of soybeans, 16% of the car, 15% of integrated circuits, the destination is china. Over the past ten years, US exports to China have grown by an average annual rate of 11%, while China's exports to the United States have grown at an average annual rate of only 6.6%. Therefore, if the United States is really going to have a trade shock against China, the Chinese have the same cards in hand, and they can counter the United states.

according to reference news network reported that the "South China Morning Post" list of Chinese may Washington political opportunists take "counter measures" list. If there is a trade war between China and the United States, the following US companies may be affected:

, Hollywood enterprises. In recent years, American movies have achieved good box office results in china.

two, boeing. According to Boeing's 2016 forecast, airlines will need more than 6800 new aircraft, with a total value of more than $1 trillion (about 6 trillion and 700 billion yuan). China's state-owned airlines are sending big orders to European and American aircraft makers, with Boeing alone with 150 thousand jobs depending on China airlines.

three, apple. Apple is not the boss of the smartphone industry. It has been impacted by many Chinese brands in the international market. The Greater China region has a huge share of Apple Corp's revenue.

four, Starbucks. The world's largest coffee supplier wants to double the number of stores in China in the next 5 years.

five, general motors, Ford, chrysler. For more than 10 years, the three largest automakers in the United States have invested heavily in building assembly plants, design centers, sales networks and training staff in china. China sells more than 20 million cars a year. Last year, SAIC was fined $29 million (190 million) for antitrust violations

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This time, the United States is ruthless, and China has a unique challenge!

This time, the United States is ruthless, and China has a unique challenge!

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