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3 23, the Anhui Business Daily reported that the Anhui University, two graduate students were blasting a high degree of plagiarism. Subsequently, the Anhui University identified two papers Department of plagiarism, revocation of their master's degree, and the abolition of the two papers to guide the teacher's master's degree students for two years. Recently, and pulls out a piece of Anhui University School of law in 2005 and a master of Laws degree thesis, doubt it is suspected of copying another Sichuan University Law graduate degree thesis. The alleged plagiarism paper Zhang is currently the director of the Anhui Office of the law firm. Yesterday (May 6th) morning, the reporter contacted Zhang, the parties refused to accept the interview. Reporters learned from the Graduate School of Anhui University, the school has been identified as plagiarism, the decision to revoke Zhang's master's degree.

title, key words exactly the same

two title of the article is completely consistent. Burst was suspected of plagiarism is Anhui University School of law in 2005 law graduates of the master Zhang's "freedom of speech in the judicial protection of the theory and practice of", broke the person the large area of copying the Law School of Sichuan University Law graduate students Chen Aiyue thesis for the degree of the speech on the theory and practice of free judicial protection. " From the date of the paper, Chen Aiyue paper completed in May 4, 2004, significantly earlier than the completion date of Zhang's paper (April 4, 2006). < p > in addition to the title and keywords are exactly the same, the reference is a high degree of similarity, the Chen Aiyue cited the writings with 41 references, Zhang the consistent; Chen Aiyue lists the 32 reference papers, Zhang papers listed in the 31 articles are also consistent with the Chen Aiyue. Similarly, the two papers are beginning with the definition of "freedom of speech".

Small Title agreement, only two papers on the sequence of

comparison of the paper is not difficult to find, two papers are divided into five chapters, chapter titles and even the title is also fully consistent. The difference is that the order of the two papers is different. The five chapters of Chen Aiyue's thesis are the definition of freedom of speech, the types of speech, the theoretical basis of the protection of the freedom of speech, the development trend of freedom of speech, the principle of freedom of speech. Zhang and Zhang papers suspected of Chen's thesis in the second chapter and the third chapter, the fourth chapter and the fifth chapter of the exchange.

two chapters of the order is different, the content of which is almost a mold carved out of the. For example, Chen Aiyue thesis. First chapter of free speech the definition of "narrow said criticism" part of the contents, Zhang's paper also in the first chapters of the freedom of speech the definition of "narrow said criticism of" the third part section mentioned the content, almost a word. < p > the contents of the highly similar < Chen Aiyue during the first part of the theoretical basis of the third chapter freedom of speech, thus described the marketplace of ideas: "the theory can also be said for the pursuit of truth said, was first proposed by freedom of speech based the theory & hellip; & hellip;" the same content appears in the theoretical basis of Zhang in the second chapter, the freedom of speech the marketplace of ideas "theory" section. Similar content in the two papers, there are many, even the line of the text is almost the same punctuation.

papers signed "original statement"

Zhang paper, although suspected of a large copy of Chen Aiyue papers, but Zhang is still at the beginning of the paper signed a "original statement".

paper also shows that Zhang's work unit for the Anhui security law firm. Zhang is the director of the law firm, was hired to become the commerce of Anhui Province, Anhui Province Chamber of Commerce, real estate legal counsel, at present still tenure in, according to the official website of the law firm. Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the phone Zhang himself. However, when the reporter showed that the identity and the reasons for the interview, Zhang immediately said, I have something to hang up the phone. In the afternoon, reporters once again went to the law firm, did not see Zhang himself, law firms, a female staff member said they do not know this paper events. < the school decided to withdraw his master's degree in < p > yesterday morning, the reporter from Anhui University of graduate school degree management office director of clerks Wang Chunzhi learned that on suspected plagiarism Zhang paper, Graduate School of Anhui University has begun to verify, at present has to prepare the relevant materials, waiting for within subject experts group identification. Yesterday afternoon, Anhui University Academic Degrees Committee meeting, it was decided, the meeting unanimously by revoke Zhang master's degree in law, his mentor stop postgraduate students a year.

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