To prepare for the driverless, Ford plans to throw away the steering wheel and pedals

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, lift the steering wheel that can be disassembled. What do you think? In addition to

years ago, Mr. Bean's Mini, the most common is only F1.

" (steering wheel F1)

Handouxiansheng remove the steering wheel is to guard against theft. F1 use this design, because the driver's space is too small, the driver does not remove the wheel would be down. Therefore, this is also a forced design.

but with the continuous improvement of autopilot, when people realize the real driverless, the steering wheel will be much lower than it is now. Like the driverless car of the Google, the steering wheel design has now been adopted.

", however, the steering wheel is the driver's emergency tool. If there is any special situation, the driver and the steering wheel can still be solved. So if you add a steering wheel to your car, you may design it in a detachable direction, perhaps a new direction for the future.

now, Ford has begun to move on to this idea. Not only do they want to remove the steering wheel, they also make the throttle and brake pedal all detachable structures.

Motoauthority according to automotive media reports, Ford recently exposed a new patent. The patent is for automated cars with removable steering wheels and pedals, which can be removed by users without the need for these tools.

the patent shows that the driver's seat will match the "two" airbags. The first one is on the steering wheel, and the second one is below the meter. The design is designed to be compatible with the two models of "steering wheel", and even if the driver has removed the steering wheel, the inside of the car also has corresponding airbags to protect him. After the steering wheel is removed, the vehicle will use mechanical control or electronic control to achieve the steering of the vehicle. The brake will be implemented by means of spring, smoke damper, or electronic valve.

in addition, the patent has also been optimized for the dashboard. When the driver has removed the steering wheel, it can cover the dashboard, steering wheel, pedals and other links through corresponding accessories to ensure the integrity and beauty of the interior.

Ford, the new patent, is said to offer more possibilities for auto driving through technology.

" according to the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) earlier reports, the California motor vehicle administration in March 11th put forward a new proposal. The new proposal states that companies can test driverless cars without the presence of drivers or alternate drivers. The

also requires automakers to submit a copy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Security Assessment letter to test driverless cars without a driver present. The draft also requires remote operators to be in touch with the vehicle, and companies need to report traffic accidents involving driverless cars and make sure the cars are taken over manually.

, this new policy has relaxed the test limit for automatic driving vehicles.

allows these vehicles to be tested directly on the road, which allows you to get more actual data and optimize the algorithm to be close to the road condition, which is absolutely beneficial to the development of autopilot systems. But not all regions can relax their policies like California. Even in the United States, some cities still drive out these automatic cars without steering wheels.

so Ford's new technology will take care of two things. When the user goes to the first area of the rule, the steering wheel and pedals can be mounted and the activity is unrestricted. In addition, this approach can ensure that their car sales are not affected by regional policy, can be described as two birds with one stone.

, indeed, this new patent does have a major impact on the development of autopilot technology. But the patent document says the technology is still in development and will not have the time to invest. I hope that when the unmanned vehicle technology matures, this steering wheel removable technology will also be able to enter our vision.

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