Women eat 9 benefits of wax gourd, pregnant women should eat!

Fiber food high blood pressure coronary heart disease

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white gourd is a frequent visitor to our home cooking. Its taste is light and very few people will refuse it. It is rich in nutrition, beauty effect is more favored by women. The following small series for you to introduce women to eat melon, why so good? Are pregnant women eating white gourd?

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1", "9 big benefits" for women to eat winter melon, and weight loss. One of the most important benefits of

to lose weight is to eat melon, melon in vitamin B, can make the body type of sugar and starch into heat absorbed by the body, thereby reducing the sugar into fat transformation, also can trace elements it contains the decomposition of excess fat in the body, let them into with the size of water discharged in vitro, which also plays a role in weight loss.

2 prevention of coronary heart disease.

eat melon can prevent the crown Xi disease, because the melon contains some natural vegetable fat, after they enter the body can be transformed into unsaturated fatty acids, can make the content of blood cholesterol and triglycerides decreased, can increase blood flow speed, can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease.

3, id=, Qingfei detoxification.

can be used as medicine: melon melon body Pilly water swelling, heat Jieshu, commonly used in the virtual body edema and edema, can also be used for prolactin efficacy for melon seeds; Qingfei phlegm, dampness pus, applied to cough, with whitish; favorable effect, water melon heat, phlegm, detoxification and elimination. Can treat oedema, cough, heat, diabetes, diarrhea, anal fistula, also can be poisonous hangover, fish poison etc..

4, anti-cancer.

white gourd in the dietary fiber content is very high, every 100 grams contains dietary fiber about 0.9 grams. Modern medical research shows that dietary fiber can lower cholesterol, reduce blood lipids, prevent atherosclerosis. Wax gourd in the crude fiber, can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so that the accumulation of intestinal carcinogens excreted as soon as possible.

5, hypoglycemic, and blood pressure lowering.

because the melon contains more Vc, and potassium content is high, low sodium content, so the most suitable for low sodium diet high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema and other patients.

6, stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

melon in the crude fiber, can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so that the intestinal accumulation of carcinogenic substances excreted as soon as possible. Wonderful recommendation: women eat eggplant benefits, eggplant nutritional value

7, kidney protection.

melon can also play a role in protecting the kidney, melon juice and melon extract can increase the amount of urine. Folk useful melon skin, bean water torture, to slag water, can cure heart disease and nephrotic edema edema.

8", and beauty hair care.

eat melon but also play the role of beauty, containing a certain amount of melon melon seeds in oleic acid, the oleic acid can inhibit the formation of melanin deposition in the skin surface, can play an important effect of diluted stain and the other trace components in some melon also can accelerate the metabolism of the body, and the early white beard and hair hair loss and other symptoms also have a certain preventive effect.

9 and diuresis detumescence.

white gourd contains vitamin C more, and potassium content is high, sodium salt content is low, the need to supplement food high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema and other patients eating, can achieve swelling and not hurt the role of righteousness.

, pregnant women can eat winter melon?

pregnant women, of course, can eat wax gourd, but wax gourd sex cool, do not eat too much at a time. Pregnant women to eat winter melon can effectively cure the symptoms of edema during pregnancy, effective prevention of gestational diabetes, as well as summer heat, diuretic effect, wax gourd is very suitable for eating in the summer.

for pregnant women to eat melon, melon shrimp burning recipes


materials: wax gourd, dried small shrimps, the amount of salt.

practice: 1, will be melon peeled clean, cut, dried small shrimps soaked clean standby.

2, add a proper amount of cooking oil in the pot, heat up, add white gourd block, stir fry quickly.

3, add shrimp and salt, and add a small amount of water, mix thoroughly, cover and cook you can pan.

melon carp soup material: carp, white gourd, rape, ginger, Chinese wolfberry, broth, salt, cooking wine, pepper and other appropriate.

practices: 1, the carp will be cleaned, placed in a bowl, wax gourd Xian Qing, cut into silk, rape washed, ginger wash clean, cut into spare silk.

2, put the pot on the edible oil pan, add carp, pan fry for a while, the ginger wire inside, add cooking wine, soup and the right amount of water, cook the soup until pale fire.

3, add white gourd silk, medlar, rape, and then put salt, pepper, and then cook a few minutes with a small fire, you can pan out.

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