The ancient palace maids released beautiful young men want to marry no why

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in many people's minds, the ancient palace is a scenery group, while also doing on the role, but every day stay in the king or queen of the side, and the world's most powerful people must stay together morning and night with a lot of, will certainly be able to light.

when they enter the palace, they also undergo a rigorous selection. They must look almost there. Plus in a palace after a series of strict etiquette training, comprehensive quality is relatively high, so the maid of the palace after the release, can find a good home to marry off, this situation must be happy to see these ladies.


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according to historical records, fifteen ladies at the age of six into the palace, after ten years, if has not been out of the palace to the emperor favour. Logically speaking, they only 56 years old, it is suitable for family married 's age. These ladies out of the palace, although not very old, looks very good, but one of them a lot of people out of the palace is very difficult to marry, in the end what is the reason?

the reason is that these ladies in the palace of perennial work, down a serious disease, medicine is called blood stasis. Blood stasis syndrome, name. Six depression. Because of rage, flash, and excessive labour, caused by irregular eating etc..

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