The flames of war were burning in Malawi, and the Philippine army was exhausted

Philippines combat drone Navy

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recently, ABS-CBN news reporter interviewed still in southern Mindanao in the Philippines city war in malawi.

reporters came to the Philippines marine corps headquarters, they are the strongest fighting Philippines army troops, but also the main terrorist insurgency. At present, about 70 militants still control areas in Malawi, equipped with light weapons, drones and nearly unlimited ammunition. The city's business district has become broken walls, and from time to time you can find the remains of the hostages.

Philippines Malawi terrorist attacks into the March fighting continued for six weeks: Malawi

war 12 civilians were insurgents beheaded

fog of War: what Philippines Malawi what happened?

5 23, "the oath of allegiance to the Islamic state of Philippines rebels" hair "in the city of Malawi to a plurality of important targets of attack, even in a period of time control of most parts of the city. More than 500 people have been killed, including 45 civilians and 105 soldiers. After nearly three months of fighting, the Philippines army is still unable to eliminate the terrorists completely.

"Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization announced with" mauth "armed groups to fight against government forces in Philippines, let Philippines army feel the pressure doubled. To wipe out the fighting in the city, for every soldier every army is the most brutal test of life and death. A recent test of the American military really reflects the brutality of urban warfare - a defensive soldier must be six times as powerful as a gun, with artillery support and special tactics.

for Philippines ordinary soldiers, artillery support is very limited, and the training they also may not have what tactics.

" they can only use this kind of faith "magic props" bless yourself with confidence, continue to persist in the long brutal battle, can live to see victory day.

, and according to the photos taken by the UAV, the commander gave the mission objective of the operation.

" all the soldiers were getting ready to.

, some soldiers call their families before leaving.

, the soldiers bless each other, they know that their lives are guarded by each other.

on the front line, fighting for nearly three months, many soldiers have learned how to laugh at life and death.

as Philippines's most elite Marine Corps, their combat vehicles are still trucks.

" and so on, we can imagine the level of equipment in other military units in Philippines.

Philippines military carton reinforced a prophecy tank

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