Zhejiang, Jinhua bus comes with a "swimming pool" for passengers to cool down

Zhejiang swimming Jinhua

zhongguoqingnianwang· 2017-08-21 02:53:56

" recently, the Zhejiang Jinhua, a car with a "pool" of the 8 bus appearance of city streets, passengers sitting in the car like sitting in the pool feeling, cool cool heart. It is understood that the city bus group operates two company staff in the heat of the day for the passengers to sunstroke like a lot of ways, the site issued sunstroke medicine, mung bean soup and other convenience measures, but still difficult to alleviate the high temperature days passengers brought hot mood.

8 line driver Zhu Miaojuan and Tang Huiyuan thought of high temperature days to soak in the pool is a kind of enjoyment, so the carriage is made into a pool of vision. Online Custom HD outdoor imported green slip sticker, spent a day to arrange the car.

", which improves the environment when passengers travel, so that passengers on the train, there is a cool good mood.

staff said the bus first try personalized compartments arranged in the visual impact to achieve a certain effect, the future will be through various forms to continuously improve the traveling environment, to meet the needs of passengers in different seasons and different.

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Zhejiang, Jinhua bus comes with a "swimming pool" for passengers to cool down

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