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who says there's no good drama in China? There is "swordsman", "hidden", "true", "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" and "the pretender" -

, but these are mostly old and known by the public.

today to recommend the orange Jun domestic high good drama, popular but is neglected works of conscience.

(War spy drama "plot") score

bean: the best drama "8.8

" directed by Liu Yunlong, Liu Yunlong, Chen Shu, Baoqiang Wang, Gao and other stars. The

is divided into "listening to the wind" "wind" and "wind" of three chapters, Chinese tells the story of a number of special intelligence staff rarely known stories.

listen to the wind, radio listeners: "by the ears of Jiangshan," their ears can hear the voice of the sky, silent sound, secret sound.

" ("listening to the wind" still ↑

) see the wind, is code breaking: see other people do not see the secret, breaking the secret, mumbo-jumbo read, read books without words.

" ("the wind" still ↑

) the wind is the Communist Party underground workers in Kuomintang vigorously implement the white terror, they are victims, it is the battle, they dress up, go, fight the wind.

" ("the wind" still ↑

three) a chapter in the time line and the story of relatively independent also are inextricably linked, the play won the "Magnolia Award" award for best screenplay. The

score of namchow mechanic "hero biography"


", Yu Xiaoguang Choo Ja Hyun on the hot search. Specifically, they are in "strange bedfellows 2" hot search, into loving sitcoms they touched the Korean girl.

"hero biography" is the namchow mechanic Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja Hyun love, by director Yu Rongguang and screenwriter Wang Juan's hand, "glory will be produced, for" two, known as the national opera that "wood house", "the namchow mechanic heroes" and "dance music legend" three consecutive works Douban average 8.1, as long as they teamed up enough to make people close their eyes that good-looking.

this is the theme of the war, the Anti Japanese Guerrilla War spy to the theme from the front, to the ground, because of the subject thickness, took so many, have a lot of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore boutique "," red "before dawn", "hidden" are well-known Japanese high good drama.

is the "hero namchow mechanic biography" appears to be a lot of low-key, somewhat similar to the name and "flash girl", is probably not light delay by name. The watercress score has just passed 500.

" (poster and drag elements of ↑

) in such a Japanese with grand themes, "" namchow mechanic is selected after the war: Yunnan Kunming, Burma Wanding border town and Burma, and the Anti Japanese war drama scene -- Peking, Shanghai, high frequency Changsha etc. completely different style.

tells the story of young overseas Chinese (Fang Tianhai, thousand tree in Burma Road) on the transport of goods of salvation, and touching love story of life and death.

" is at the rear, but on the Burma Road transport task is also dangerous, the roadside is falling into the abyss precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, and dangerous terrain. Along the way there are Japanese attack bombing, countless unknown heroes in this way executed rear support.

, Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja Hyun play a pair of underground workers in the drama, the main line is that they represented the juntong Anti Japanese army high class spy war story.

can't guess the reverse, reverse, and reverse of the story, and make sure you see it. The

family (love) score "parents love" series


"on the collection and evaluation of love" parents around them, a feeling of the most is: to cry. The

play, like its name, tells the story of the parents' love story of the last century.

Jiang Defu (Guo Tao) is a young naval officer, illiterate "uneducated", Jack (Ting Mei) is a small, charming and pampered capitalists miss, eight pole could not beat the look of their vicissitudes in the 1950s come together.

" background, experience, attitude towards life, where they are not commensurate not to stop noisy, but never thought to leave each other, be together for 50 years.

is a very suitable for the whole family to watch TV, close to life, interesting characters, plain but not boring, moving and not hypocritical.

with lines is also very interesting, can be saved when other people use.


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