Who can think of AP in the history of the "Renaissance" can use the card playing while learning?

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highlights university courses in AP history, is a big problem. Below the author RDFZ Xishan cooperation project (AP) of the US high school course of school teacher Cui Jing, to try and students together to imitate the "War Within Three Kingdoms" this type of game, design a set of characters and events in the history of the world with the card game "European kill", to help students better memory. Let's take a look at how she teaches through games. The

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game is a basic part of human civilization, ancient times. The human society enters the network time, the game becomes the general trend. The concept of game learning, which combines games with teaching, has long been the vision of educators. However, with its support and criticism, the development of good educational games has become the bottleneck of game learning. The

path, launched in the teaching students to use historical knowledge, develop their own games, to inspire students' learning enthusiasm and improve students' comprehensive ability, and achieved good results in unexpected.

in July this year by the Tencent Inc to develop the mobile phone game "king of glory" because of its great social influence, was pushed up in the teeth of the storm, the "people's Daily" bursts of three commentary criticizing the negative effects, a time to become hot news. Because this game uses the Jing Ke, Bian Que, Cao Cao and other historical figures, but divorced from its true historical era and background, is the "king of glory" has been criticized as an important factor.

king Rong Yaozhong

as the character image in the first years of teaching high school history teacher, quite a part of students' enthusiasm for the game is far higher than the study this matter, I have deep experience, so a few years ago had already started thinking the game and teaching, as well as the possibility of incorporating elements of the game in order to stimulate students' learning enthusiasm, improve the comprehensive ability of students in teaching. After several years of practice, small results, for their understanding of game based learning is in ceaseless development, this article only will think earnings sharing with colleagues.

has a long history of game learning.

games are an ancient and universal activity. It has been a basic part of human civilization for thousands of years. The ancient Greek historian Ciro Dodd in his book "history" in the records of the ancient Lydians through collective game through 18 years of famine story.

loves games as if it were human nature, and some scholars have pointed out that "game technology or gameplay is appropriate, and it will stimulate the energies that attract, benefit and educate others.". "To find the value in the teaching of the game, will try to game and education combined, since the last century since 80s has already begun, educators have put the game as an important means of teaching, such as teaching, develop the pleasant music school education teaching method applied in classroom.

game learning in general refers to learning in a game way...... Teachers use games to convey specific knowledge and information to learners...... Play games as a platform to communicate with learners...... Let learners study in a relaxed, pleasant and active environment. "In the traditional classroom learning, interactive experience, interesting problems, the" edutainment "game based learning concept of concept in teaching by promising educators, parents and students.

but for questioning games learning even opposition also exist at the same time, some teachers said: "learning the game, not easy to love you", a game expert Xin Xiaozheng even said: "the game of learning in China at present are not successful".

the reason is that the Teaching Games Games learning the key to success lies in the development of the corresponding teaching content fit, which requires not only understand knowledge, and understand the teaching, but also have the ability of game development. The difficulty of developing the teaching game is too high, which becomes a bottleneck of the game learning concept.

in the third years of teaching, in order to arouse students' interest in learning and enthusiasm for participation, the author began to design extended learning tasks as a supplement to regular teaching. As the most popular way of entertainment for young people, the game is also one of the preferred forms for the author to design extended learning tasks.

from the general trend of the development of the times, in the Internet era, the game is an important trend of social development. The advantages and disadvantages of the game learning philosophy are very bright. How can we avoid its disadvantages and make use of its advantages to make it fall into the classroom?

in teaching practice the writer has found a new way to put the game elements into teaching, which is suitable for the development of focus from classroom teaching to use the game to transfer to let students learn to use the knowledge of history, their design and production of the game. In this way, the quality of the game is relegated to a secondary position. The important thing is that the students are motivated to learn history knowledge in order to develop a game, and their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning have been greatly stimulated.

students design and production history in many game

game, the author chooses a card game "in recent years very popular War Within Three Kingdoms" to imitate, this game is the basis of very wide, are familiar with and love for the students, but also very easy and history curriculum teaching

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