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Chinese weapons and traditional arms giants "wrist wrestling"; Trump "loose rein", Japan and South Korea's military want to hurricane?

in recent days, the China North Industries Group Corporation has hosted the "armor and anti armor day" activities in Baotou, and a number of top foreign trade weapons have shown brisk performances. In addition, while tensions in East Asia are growing, Japan and South Korea are starting to demand more offensive firepower. Let's review the military situation which we should not miss in the past few days.

Trump "loose reins" to Japan and South Korea military hurricane

American "national interest" bimonthly website recently published Rod Leon's article "Japan and South Korea hopes to get more military firepower" said South Korea has recently been committed to improve their ballistic missile capability. At the same time, some people in Japan are beginning to show renewed interest in the ability to strike.

after Trump became president, the United States in the world's "small partners" are anxious. Trump's campaign has repeatedly claimed that the allies refused to ride again, the protection of the United States must charge. Especially in Japan and South Korea, the two countries are named Trump "cheeky" ally, Trump has claimed that Japan and South Korea should "full reimbursement of the cost of the garrison, or the U.S. military" Liaotiaozi.

although Trump did not fulfill his promise after his election, such an attitude, coupled with the situation in East Asia on the one day, Japan and South Korea did not dare to expect too much of the United states.

"Xuanwu" South Korean missile

but Trump this "refuse" attitude for some people in Japan and South Korea, is also a great chance. A US military presence in East Asia after World War II, hold high the banner of this rod is to protect allies, but to imply that there are custody intentions. Japan has always dreamed of becoming a "normal country", accelerate the pace of expansion is one of the most important ring.

in August 8th the Japanese government held a cabinet meeting approved the 2017 edition of "defense white paper", "China threat" and touted the US Japan alliance will curb China and big brother. As his army excuse. Trump's complaint has helped push Japan's "safe self care", saving money and labor and undermining the long United States' engagement with japan.

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Korea's situation is different, but there are similarities. There is a voice inside Korea that believes that a strong offensive capability, even nuclear weapons, should be built, and that without the United States, Korea may go farther on this path.

Chinese weapons go global with Europe and the United States arms competition giant

America "defense news" magazine website recently reported that, in view of the region relative economic success, and its share in the global defense spending market, Asian defense companies are trying to enter the global market for weapons.

, according to the Swedish International Peace Research Institute in Stockholm, China was the world's third largest exporter of arms between 2012 and 2016, while South Korea ranked thirteenth. So far, China's problem is its status as a niche commodity exporter in the global arms market.

Asian countries through dozens of years to catch up, in the military field increasingly show strong strength, not only at home with the traditional giant arms breaking the wrist, and even the competition leads to the traditional market giants. Among them, the most representative and the most eye-catching is china.

Chinese defence companies how to achieve such results, the first China weapons manufacturing capacity has made considerable progress, although the most advanced systems for domestic use, but many technologies and advanced manufacturing processes on the market for the vast majority of customers to say very attractive, of course, the price is very attractive. The other is China does not exclude the transfer of technology, the most typical example is the establishment of a production line in Pakistan, making JF-17 "lightning" (FC-1 Xiaolong fighter).

in recent years, Chinese defense companies constantly launched a trade explosion at the same time, in the propaganda also gradually to keep up with the pace of European and American arms giant, various types of the world's top defense exhibition can be seen Chinese defense figure, and each has a surprise. On

8 16, the China North Industries Group Corporation hosted the panzer and anti armor day in Baotou, showing a total of 34 armored vehicles in more than 10. China's multi type foreign trade top weapons show a profound and effective combat capability in live ammunition shooting. Chinese weapons have value, strength, and good use, not expensive. Who can refuse?

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8 16, held in Inner Mongolia "armor and anti armor on" special events, the official show a China domestic GL-5 type active defense system (APS) to intercept 89 120 mm anti tank Rockets this is the first public video, this kind of domestic system.

how strong are the Russians? For the lack of military experience

Swedish Defense Research Bureau (under the Swedish Ministry of defence) released a 100 page report that the Russian military, the Russian military has increased significantly, can also take a number of large-scale military operations. Report author, the Russian research director of the Bureau, said John Norberg, the Russian army since 2016, have the ability to play at least one to 100 thousand to 150 thousand military personnel to participate in the big

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