China's new solar unmanned aerial vehicle super endurance, can not be used for anti aircraft carrier?

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yunshangdekongmu· 2017-08-21 07:51:33

recently, our exposure to a very strong endurance solar uav. Once reported, users have amazing Chinese also invented the black technology, and envision the implementation of terrain exploration, marine reconnaissance, and anti aircraft carrier operations guide various use of the aircraft, so the story is really true?

" according to news reports, the Chinese solar UAV, wingspan 45m 20 thousand meters altitude, the flight test and 16 hours of flight test has been completed, the use of solar panels on the wing cloth as the motive force source, undertake reconnaissance, surveillance and communication relay task, can be regarded as a pseudo satellite, as long as the theoretical components are not damaged, you can achieve unlimited life.

this UAV is indeed very advanced, but in fact, the use of solar powered UAV vision has long existed, foreign companies in this area of research and development far ahead of our country. As early as around 2000, the British Qinetiq company put this idea into practice, and has developed 8 types of "west wind" series of high-altitude solar uav.

's current world flight record for unmanned solar vehicles has been created by the series of uavs. Among them, the "west wind" -7 UAV wingspan of 43.5 meters, in 2010 created 21562 meters high altitude life 336 hours, 22 minutes, 7 seconds world record, so far no one shakes. In theory, the plane is powered by a solar panel for one month. Carbon fiber material can achieve the effect of benefit so amazing in the "west wind" -7 drones take light weight, the use of solar energy permanent magnet motor as power source and only one day, in order to provide the corresponding lift, with a wingspan of 43.5 meters.

"west wind" -7 UAV load only 5kg, reflecting 5 people together running hand throwing can be completed, the typical mode of operation is to use one day to slowly rise to the altitude of 16000m and 16000m in 20000m to maintain height cruise. During the day, the "zephyr" -7 drones use the wing solar panels to recharge batteries and drive two engines. At night, the batteries provide energy for the engine independently.

from the "west wind" -7 UAV is introduced to draw the following two conclusions: the British company Qinetiq the "west wind" -7 UAV and solar energy in China no size difference of UAV, but in the battery life is far more than, so our solar UAV is neither the first nor the world the most advanced.

" while the specific load data of China's solar UAV was not announced, but with the "west wind" compared to -7, the two are using solar energy as power source spring, the total length is 1.5 meters span only, so the load will not much difference that should be below 10kg. This load capacity simply can not meet any high-performance communications, reconnaissance equipment installation needs, in order to expand its use, load capacity of at least to 100kg or so. So, from the current situation, the solar unmanned aerial vehicle is no way to help anti aircraft carrier.

's famous Facebook is also interested in the idea that the aircraft can be used to build global Wi-Fi, allowing at least 1 billion unusable regions and populations to use high-speed communications networks. As early as 2015, Facebook developed and tested a solar powered unmanned aerial vehicle (Aquila) with a wingspan of about 30 meters, the total weight of which is equivalent to a small car, but it also suffered the challenge of load capacity.

" to do a global coverage of the mobile Wi-Fi platform, flight operation height must be high enough to cover a large enough area to provide enough user service. However, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the smaller the lift per unit area of the aircraft. At a distance of 10 thousand meters below the ground tropospheric air density, can give solar UAV to provide enough lift, but received solar energy shortage, aircraft platform easily affected by air flow out of control, the communication coverage of small users. And in the altitude of 10 thousand meters above the earth's surface, the communication coverage is large, the solar energy is sufficient, but the wing lift of the wing of the carrier platform is not enough, which forms a pair of contradictions. After calculation, Facebook ideal Aquila UAV wingspan must reach 300 meters in order to meet the basic use requirements, such a large unmanned aerial vehicle, there is no technical verification worldwide.

based mobile communication network is available whenever and wherever possible the common aspiration of all mankind, as a pioneer in companies all over the world to participate in this pioneering work, the success and failure will shine through history. Therefore, although the current solar unmanned aerial vehicle has no way to help anti aircraft carrier, but the application prospect is also very widespread.

, full text, thank you for reading.

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