Sydney has been pregnant for three months The speed is real fast too

Exposure Wang Sicong Z

zhongguoyulewang· 2017-08-21 08:52:05

Sydney last night at the micro-blog small self exposure was 12 weeks pregnant...

" to the end of last month just engaged, now I have a good news, the speed is fast real sydney!

, before the live broadcast, there are fans found that Sydney is not fat? The comments also guess is not pregnant... "

Sydney now admitted, netizens have expressed a blessing: Congratulations, we have a small yellow mulberry!

" was soon exposed to accept Zhang Yan's proposal of two rich generation, until a few days later a public network red romantic engagement scene, and now the exposure of pregnant, in business is also very influential in Sydney's life!

orange Jun exclusive benefits! Attention orange entertainment WeChat public number: (juziyule), pay close attention to it!

mother said: Recently morning sickness is bad, I'm hungry, has gained 6, 7 pounds, please forgive me! Still drying out a self timer:

", where is this fat? Even if the weight of a few pounds of Sydney is still very beautiful...

get rid of Wang Sicong's former girlfriend's title, and now the Sydney career and love have harvested enviable results!

last sentence,

, Congratulations, mother!

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