Millet without MIUI, A1, finally get rid of small ads?

Millet Android A1 MIUI

aifaner· 2017-08-21 10:08:29

, users do not hate advertising, but hate annoying small ads.

millet CEO Lei Jun has talked about his views on MIUI advertising. Pervasive advertising has become a major feature of MIUI. As we all know, before the first generation of millet mobile phones before release, MIUI has been the rage, is to attract the first batch of "rice noodles" key factors.

, but with the development of millet phones, MIUI has gradually become a realizable tool for millet, millet set up this "millet marketing platform", began to implant all kinds of advertising.

" there are certainly a lot of people want to be able to use the high cost of millet mobile phone, but also get rid of MIUI ads - now, this opportunity to. According to India media reported recently, the global krispitech, millet official website of accidental exposure of a model for millet A1 (Mi A1) models, the foreign media speculated that it will be launched in cooperation with Google Android One by the millet mobile phone, will run the native Android system.

Mi A1 on the official website of millet leaked information, photograph: GizmoChina

Android One) is Google for developing countries to launch low-cost intelligent mobile phone plan, these cheap equipment will provide software support by Google, running the latest Android system, in the general price about $100 (about 666 yuan). However, this year, Google also for Japan and other developed countries, the market launched a more high-end Android One models, configuration relative to improve before, but currently only through carrier channels to buy.

as early as 2014, millet global vice president Hugo Bala (Hugo Barra) has hinted that millet may join the Android One program, but later, with his departure, the project will come to nothing. Judging from the current exposure of information, millet A1 may be millet launched the first Android One mobile phones.

" (millet mobile 5X)

, 5X millet A1 will be customized based on millet. Millet 5X is thousands of new machines millet released in July, equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P screen, equipped Xiaolong 625 processor, built-in 4GB RAM, with 5 million pixels front and 12 million pixels dual camera, home is 1299 yuan from the sale.

from millet 5X configuration and pricing point of view, it may be a relatively high-end Android One models. If the launch of native Android millet mobile phone, will not let you more desire to buy it? Figure

source: Weibo

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