Why is China Unicom 's "mixed change program" a strange withdrawal?

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tengxunkeji· 2017-08-21 10:11:04

concern China Unicom mixed reform program just landed and withdrawn, BAT and Jingdong legend in the list of shares. Although the program is not yet announced, but its impact on the central enterprises to change the overall process is gradually emerging.

"investor newspaper" reporter to Jin Jing,

8 16, the concern of China's joint network communications Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China Unicom, 600050.SH) mixed change program finally landed.

mixed change program just landed, stir A shares of this pool of water, but China Unicom but in a few hours after the rapid withdrawal of the announcement issued, which includes much market concern mixed reform program.

is more surprising, in early August 17th, the number of listed companies announced the suspension due to China Unicom mix change on the occasion, there is also a listed company immediately issued to clarify the announcement, claiming that the company did not participate in the Chinese to Unicom A shares subscription of new shares.

in less than 24 hours, what exactly happened to China Unicom? Is there a change in the company's mix ups? Originally scheduled for August 17th resumption of trading, but issued a notice that will resume trading within three trading days, what is the reason? In this connection, the investor newspaper sent an interview outline to the China Unicom Secretariat, and called the chief executive of the press department, but the other party kept silent.

is still suffering from the shock of 24 hour

8 on Sept. 16, Hong Kong stocks China Unicom suddenly announced the suspension, the reason is the company will publish a notice. News came out, the outside world will guess that this must be mixed with the reform program. Around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, China Unicom Hongkong official website announced the concrete program of mixed change. In the evening, China Unicom A shares issued a number of announcements, including the 2017 interim results, mixed change program.

however, in the early morning of August 17th, A shares China Unicom released the latest announcement again, most market attention "on the mixed ownership reform of the special notice" and "the fifth session of the tenth meeting of the board of directors", "the announcement of the resolution of the fifth session of the supervisory Committee seventh meeting resolution announcement" were disappeared. Replace them is "China Unicom to continue the suspension and suspend the progress of the announcement". Announcement shows that, due to technical reasons, China Unicom A shares will continue to be suspended.

at the same time, August 17th opening date, a number of listed companies at the same time issued a notice that the suspension of China Unicom because of changes in matters and suspension. Among them, including Chinese Unicom, UF network, Su Ningyun, Yi century etc.. It is noted that

Chinese Zhongche issued to clarify the announcement that, after verification, the company did not participate in the Chinese to Unicom A shares subscription of new shares.

, what's going on here? China Unicom A shares announced that, due to technical reasons, the company has applied to continue the suspension. In this regard, China Unicom relevant person responded earlier, continued suspension does not involve any changes in the mix of change and distribution program, only the process and technical aspects of the problem, is expected to resume trading next Monday.

mixed change program in the end what?

in the past 24 hours, China Unicom makes the market still suffering from the shock. So what exactly does it say? According to

Chinese Unicom previously released "Chinese Unicom on mixed ownership reform on the situation of the special announcement" the contents of the display, the pilot program, the total transaction price of approximately 78 billion yuan: strategic investors to Unicom A share subscription of about 9 billion shares, and China Unicom Unicom purchased 1 billion 900 million shares of A shares of the company stock, accounted for 34.9% of the enlarged issued share capital, the price of 6.83 yuan per share; to be granted about 850 million shares of restricted stock to the core staff, the price of 3.79 yuan per share. The introduction of strategic investors including the Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong, Baidu, Su Ningyun, KPS connection etc..

China Unicom has the four largest Internet Co as well as the strongest domestic friends, vertical industry companies, finance companies, industry groups and industry support fund. It is worth noting that, according to the announcement on August 17th, China Unicom Hongkong official website, the proportion of the above shares of "34.9%" has been revised to "35.2%."".

has 78 billion yuan, what does China Unicom want to do exactly? The general idea according to the scheme disclosed and intends to reform the content point of view, Chinese Unicom intends to do the following three things:

, optimization of 4G network, the rapid development of mobile Internet services and mobile video services, 4G users scale and accounted for continuous improvement, consumption flow of mobile data in high-speed growth of 4G network continuous expansion and enhance the ability to. Virtual reality technology, Internet of things, vehicle networking and industrial Internet also offer higher requirements for the company's network speed, connection data, delay and reliability.

two, 5G network construction, Chinese Unicom needs the development and construction of more intelligent and flexible 5G network, to meet the business needs of future increasingly diversified, and through ahead of the layout of 5G network construction, to seize the market opportunities.

three, to achieve breakthroughs in innovation business scale, innovative business is China Unicom's current and next phase of the development of key business, is an important engine of sustained growth of the company. Innovative business focused, professional features obvious, to market-oriented, focusing on big data, Internet of things, payment of finance, video services and other key areas.

mixed change initial efficiency has been rendered

, although China Unicom's hybrid reform program until now

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