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in order to make up for the gap of funds, on the one hand, the personal account of pension will go to nominal account; on the other hand, the pension will realize the value of its own value increase through the market.

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pension involved in everyone's vital interests, the news came out, the attention of the people.

in the past weekend, there are 2 messages on pensions: one is that the current 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities, in addition to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) have all announced pension adjustment program. After adjustment, Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai, Qinghai and other places retirees average monthly pension of more than 3000 yuan, ranking first in the country.

another pension news is related to the shareholders. The pension market was reported in the media for many years, but there has been no substantive action to buy, now with the listed company to disclose semi annual report, the pension investment has really come, and have to buy A shares in the two markets.

as we all know, the current personal pension accounts "empty accounts" as high as 4 trillion and 700 billion, the gap between the pension system assets and liabilities is growing, the situation is very grim.

industry pointed out that in order to make up for the shortfall in funds, on the one hand, the individual account or to nominal account, there is no real funds in individual accounts, but the accounting of individual payment, the payment and benefits are included in the account, as the future payment basis. On the other hand, the pension through the market to achieve its own value to increase the value of demand, and this will promote the formation of A shares value investment philosophy, is conducive to long-term stability of the A stock market.

Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai, Qinghai, the average monthly pension of over 3000 yuan

in April this year, the Ministry of human resources and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, clearly from January 1, 2017 to adjust the enterprises and institutions of the level of basic pensions of retirees, the overall increase of 5.5% left and right.

in accordance with the Ministry of human resources and social requirements, the current 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities, in addition to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) have all announced the pension adjustment program. In the areas where the adjustment plan has been announced, the adjustment measures of quota adjustment, hook adjustment and proper tilt have been adopted generally.

quota adjustment part, around the increase is different, Fujian, Xinjiang minimum, increased 35 yuan per person per month; quota adjustment in Liaoning is divided into five files, the most upscale before the founding of new China to participate in the work of retired workers, increased 75 yuan per person per month.

hook adjustment section, and I pay the age limit and basic pension level linked. Most provinces, enterprises and organs and institutions linked to the adjustment of different programs, a small number of provinces to implement unified standards.

according to the local pension adjustment program content, currently only Beijing, Guangxi and Qinghai three to clear the average pension level adjusted 2017, respectively, the average monthly 3770 yuan, 2305 yuan and 3353 yuan.

on the basis of the local government announcement documents and the Department of human resources and social security statistics, Beijing, finishing nearly three years in the country's 30 provinces, the average monthly pension for enterprise retirees (the data of the city of Chongqing, the default).

according to the current existing public data display, Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai, Qinghai four places, the average monthly pension for enterprise retirees have been more than 3000 yuan, ranked in the forefront of the country; Sichuan, 2015 2016 the average monthly pension for enterprise retirees were not more than 2000 yuan, ranked in the bottom position.

is worth mentioning is that the related data of Tibet in 2016 2017, although not publicly, but in 2015 the average monthly pension for enterprise retirees of up to 3678 yuan, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of human resources in 2016 6.5% and 2017 5.5% Rose Rose, Tibet in 2017 the average monthly pension for enterprise retirees or as high as 4132.5 yuan, become a national enterprise retirees staff of the region with the highest average monthly pension.

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it is worth mentioning that, since 2005, Chinese has been for 13 consecutive years to improve the basic pension for enterprise retirees. From 2005 to 2015, the majority of retirees increased by about 10%, and in 2016 the growth rate dropped to 6.5%. In 2017, the growth rate of 5.5% hit a new low in recent years.

in this regard, Su Hainan, vice president of the Chinese Labor Association, said that 5.5% of the increase this year is in line with China's current economic slowdown, and the ability to pay for the social security fund.

source: first financial daily

personal account reform trend: individual contributions do not account for only

on the one hand is the high expenditure, on the other hand is more and more big gap. Data show that the number of pension insurance in China was 880 million, a number of 220 million, in early 2015, China's pension "empty account" has been as high as 4 trillion and 700 billion, with the accelerated development of aging population, the endowment insurance system and the gap between assets and liabilities is larger, the situation is very serious. In

1997, China's basic endowment insurance system was formed, and the system of combining social pooling fund with personal account was established.

First Financial Daily said, the current gradual reform path of personal accounts clear: personal accounts will no longer do, 8% personal accounts as personal rights record direction is winning more consensus. But insiders expect a plan to improve personal accounts

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