Monolith Soft new project, a cool action game?

Game blade of 2 blade of dissimilarity

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-21 11:31:21

recently, Monolith Soft, a developer of "diversity of blades", has opened a new game project and started recruiting developers.

" is the way of a sword is girl

the recruit personnel have a requirement, that is "development action game experience". although the game itself does not say what type, but from this point of view, this action is likely to have elements of action. In addition, Monolith Soft also said that their project is intended to show and now different brand image , the goal is to make the work for the whole world.

is currently on the Monolith Soft, and there is a project, "blade of diversity 2" is under way, the game will be landing in the winter of 2017 Switch platform. They announced today's new projects name, game type and other factors have not yet been announced, details please expect follow-up reports.

" you think this is what kind of game?

Monolith Soft talent recruitment page

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