Children go to elementary school one year later, or will change his life trajectory!

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, in the twinkling of an eye, the summer vacation will be over, the new primary school students will enter the school. Every parent values their children's school time very much, and some spare no caesarean section to let their children catch up with the age of admission. However, parents have a timetable for their parents, and children also have children's growth tables, pay attention to the growth of children's laws, children can learn better!


" early school what are the drawbacks of the

boys than girls suffer

high Guangdong Jing is a junior high school psychology teacher, she said that boys learn in the morning disadvantage. "The psychological development of junior high school boys than girls in general two years later, when they also unsuspectingly, the senior high school entrance examination, then some boys can not exert their own advantage". Gao Jing explained that for boys, girls, and even learning ability, psychological maturity is generally lagging behind girls, is not conducive to their development.

age is small, older than the loss,

Shandong primary school enrollment teacher Guan Yu (pseudonym) does not suggest that children go to school too early. "In teaching practice, we find that it is not a good thing for children to go to school early.". Six months later, there will be a marked difference in physical development". She said, in a child's development, must respect the objective laws of development, cannot be rushed. For example, learning to write, 5 year old child's hand strength and 6 years old is different, not children do not learn, but the muscle is not mature".


", how do I know if the children are ready to enter the school?

1, do your children learn to manage and restrain themselves?

one of the parents said: "I don't need my child has the self-care ability of children aged 5 so strong at the age of 3, he does not need to focus on, sit on the bench for half an hour. When children don't know how to be independent and restrain themselves, they rush to send them to school, which will make them resist.

: when the child is in nature, light of heart from care to Sahuan run age, they are in the world, on life, even on their own are still in the exploration of the state, they will only make early admission too many constraints to them, they can not control their own good, even will bring many hidden dangers, for he after learning for example, inattention, cognitive ability.

2, does your child know how to take responsibility?

a child is like a seed, scattered in the ground, you have to give him enough time, patiently waiting for him to slowly germination, growth, results, psychological maturity is also a big criterion for the growth of children.

Experimental Primary School of Beijing Normal University has lasted for nearly 20 years in a class placement. Psychological tests show that 60 points should be 22 points for children aged 6 and 28. Children receive more than 40 points each year, and they receive 10 points. Like more than 40 points of the child, although the natural age is 6 years old, but his mental age is close to 9 years old, and 10 to sub child psychological age just 4 years of age. A 6 year old child in a freshman class, aged 5!

parents and teachers should pay close attention to children's cognitive and social maturity, especially in young children up small process, their pace of life will face great changes, let him learn in the morning for a year, under pressure not commensurate with his age, once the psychological bearing capacity is not enough, will affect the the growth of their lives.

3, are your children mature enough?

at what age is suitable for school, not only to meet the psychological needs of children, but also to consider their physical and mental development. Beijing Normal University professor Qian Zhiliang said, if the children go to school early, early contact office, is likely to lead to wrong pen holding posture, write slow and ugly, which seriously affects the operation and the writing of children. Some of the children there is not standard, not because he is not fast, but not fast -- the development of hand writing did not keep up with. Many children can not write, not just knowledge, but not hand power, speed, continuous working ability can not keep up.

when developing a child's body condition is not mature, parents do not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm but patiently waiting for them to grow, as the best. At the same time, parents should also note that if boys do not rush to send them to school early. Deputy director of China Youth Research Center Sun Yunxiao said that the boy's development often later than girls, some 5 year old boy's language ability is equivalent to 3 and a half year old girl, early admission is more likely to cause they do not understand the teacher in the classroom, sit still.


what can you bring to school after a year's schooling?

1, give the child to keep a childlike innocence

people's life is very long, the childhood time is getting shorter, when the children in nature, running light of heart from care Sahuan age, you can ask him in the classroom, sitting in the prim

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