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Submarine war Liaoning aircraft carrier

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Chinese aircraft carrier for the first time! The first time in Chinese television history! A big talk show was recorded in front of the carrier! The China # the first domestic aircraft carrier aircraft carrier made with "Liaoning ship"? What are the challenges and opportunities China will face in the ocean age of twenty-first Century? From the dragon to the nuclear submarine, from the domestic aircraft carrier to the new destroyer, what kind of "deep blue" strategy is China? CCTV finance "dialogue" shock struck!

", how to evaluate domestic aircraft carrier?

, deputy general manager of ship heavy industry Yang Jincheng: borrow a sentence on the network now, there are values, but more content.

domestic aircraft carrier, compared with the world class aircraft carrier, how is the combat effectiveness?

CSIC deputy general manager Yang Jincheng told us, is the first domestic aircraft carrier is, and is currently building the "Queen Elizabeth" aircraft carrier, and we are concerned about India, all belong to the same medium carrier, together, Yang Jin that the first domestic aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier in the same level at the technical level, should be at the forefront of the.

", "domestic aircraft carrier", why only tens of thousands of tonnage?

domestic aircraft carrier, why only tens of thousands of tonnage? In response to the problem, Yang Jincheng, deputy general manager of the China shipbuilding industry, explained that if he wanted a person to run very fast, he could not be allowed to eat as much fat as he could. "Civilian ships are the first pursuit of carrying capacity, large tonnage, but may be very low speed.". But for our warships, in the same power configuration, first of all to pursue its high speed, the matching of various weapons, as well as its stealth performance, and so on, all aspects of a comprehensive balance."

" is the first domestic aircraft carrier Liaoning ship imitation?

from the exterior point of view, the domestic aircraft carrier seems to be very similar to the captain of the Liaoning, really like many people say, is just a copy of it? CSIC deputy general manager Yang Jincheng said, at first glance, the first domestic aircraft carrier Liaoning ship and the appearance of above is indeed very similar, but we are really engaged in the work of the comrades know, the first domestic aircraft carrier and its connotation has been very great changes, is a the independently developed completely.

" since the discovery of America human entered a century of oceans, and the emergence of aircraft carriers no doubt that the meaning and value of the ocean becomes more worthy of attention. For China today, one hundred years after the birth of the aircraft carrier, we finally have our own aircraft carrier. What is the meaning of a domestically made aircraft carrier for Chinese manufacturing? In the context of the integration of military and civilian personnel, to build a domestic aircraft carrier, for the manufacturing industry in China to upgrade what kind of help? If China does not have its own facilities, what problems will it bring? How important is the independent design of weapon equipment? Domestic aircraft carrier made in China, in the end what has gone through? Why do you say "Liaoning ship" is a child you don't want?

", what will be the problem if China does not have its own supporting facilities?

, Professor of housing, National Defense University, said, in fact, we just want to think forward, China since the Opium War in 1840, is extremely suffering, history, such a stage, needless to say, two time nodes. "In 2015, our 93 military parades commemorate the war of resistance against Japan. 70th anniversary, 2014, we commemorate the Sino Japanese War of 120th anniversary.". Let us think of the Sino Japanese War 120 years ago and the war of resistance 70 years ago. The two wars would have known that if we did not have our own aircraft carriers in the future, what would be the result? 120 years ago, the Sino Japanese, we were known as a so-called first in Asia, but as a fleet since we bought, money can buy, when not to give you money, not a boat, does not have a gun, not even a bomb, the final result of a hit everywhere find the teeth were at sea, as a result. Then in the 70 year before the Anti Japanese War, the US naval strength is even worse, don't say the coastal defense, coastal defense, defense, defense of Neijiang, inland river defense, we were called the Republic of China Navy, is being stuck in the mouth of the Yangtze River, is home to beat, is being played Tsu'tey, at the end of the war the only sacrifice all pride, Jiang Feng, in this way to resist the aggressors, and our invaders it is far away from us, it can rely on its aircraft carrier aircraft for bombing with our Japanese soldiers, this is in my land, I was the aircraft your fried like that. So, if the Chinese people know about the aircraft carrier, I think it started at that time. It was started by someone else's aircraft carrier. In this case, I think we will never allow it to happen again in the future."

", how important is the design of weapon equipment?

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