The truth is that Athena Chu doesn't marry rich families

Athena Chu Paul Wong the giants Hongkong

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Athena Chu recently appeared in our field of vision, to the princess, a million years. Many people said Athena Chu then no zixia. So what about Athena Chu's emotional life? Today we'll pick up who Athena Chu's husband is, Athena Chu and Paul Wong.

Athena Chu husband Athena Chu

who is the first husband who is

1992 years, Athena Chu was filming the movie "2" and fight back and Stephen Chow met, after two people fall in love. In 1995, Athena Chu and Stephen Chow broke up. In

1998, Athena Chu sent a stray dog back to the owner of the dog, former Beyond member singer Paul Wong, according to dog hunting. Athena Chu and Huang Guan became attached, after two people began to love each other. In October 23, 2012, Athena Chu's daughter was born; in October 25th, Athena Chu and Paul Wong completed their marriage registration. In January 28, 2013, Athena Chu named her daughter oriole.

Athena Chu

Athena Chu said the celestial accurate only a husband, that is the current husband of Paul Wong.

Athena Chu and Paul Wong's feelings, many people are envious. Two people have never concealed their love for each other. I'm sure he put me in his place, and I won't doubt it. Apart from your parents, how many people do you think will do that? Since the "Idol" broadcast, the goddess of nature will be of concern, such as the "Pixie" Athena Chu will also concern, not only Athena Chu's career is concerned, all the more curious Athena Chu husband Paul Wong. It is said that Paul Wong's family is amazing, not only that Paul Wong also loves Athena Chu. How sweet life is really not to envy.

Athena Chu and Stephen Chow

although the past that communication circle in the spread of the Athena Chu and Stephen Chow still are mentioned from time to time, but at this moment Athena Chu to own happiness very relaxed, "actually I think, no one has no past. Many people fans, because a play, so that we have a lot of ideas, this play ("Westward Journey") really become classic, many people have a number of emotional projection. You ask me, I never really told you that we used to be together. Never! I still hold on to this moment. I don't think I want to talk about another man. What I said out of my mouth was only Paul Wong, and none of us could compare with him.

Athena Chu and Paul Wong

Paul Wong (PAUL) Chinese Chanticleer Hongkong rock band Beyond's lead guitarist, the band Beyond song "the earth" concert. In addition to playing the guitar, Paul Wong also acts as a band designer and designer in many times. After Wong Ka Kui's unexpected death, he continued to develop in the name of a band with other Beyond members; after the dissolution of Beyond, he launched his own musical career. In addition to the front of the tent show, in recent years also actively engaged in making, not only set up their own production company (Polar Bear Studio), also often works for other singers and producers, and also plays a role in Hongkong rock mainstay.

since April 2012, announced that Athena Chu has been pregnant after the retreat tocolysis, in three months after the birth of her daughter oriole, in January this year to return to work, and launched the first writing of "6 pounds 10 ounces" in the just concluded Hongkong book fair, brave state envy others freaky.

, Athena Chu, recent photograph

"I like Paul (Paul Wong English name) such a person.". I've always liked people with artistic temperament. I think our values are similar. It should be said that he can give me the feeling of a lover's confidant! I have an endless talk with him about movies, talking about dog … … we hit it off. I believe that not everything can meet people in life. He moved me to be that desperate personality! "What did Paul Wong touch you?" The reporter simply raised the simple question, and Athena Chu blurted out so much.

Athena Chu frankly to reporters, before understanding Paul Wong this man, his feelings "vacuum period" at least two and a half years. "At that time, I really prayed to God. I hope God will give me a suitable person, and I can be a lover confidant.". Then he appeared, unexpectedly we lived so close. "Family new baby, two people of the world pattern is broken, Athena Chu will be left out of the other half? She admitted that there was an initial snub. So I will end with the girl, a husband, a being fond of, take care of him, cherish the soup pot, he praised him. Originally because the baby is born, oneself too disorderly may not be able to do, but can, then want to hurt the husband, and then own time only a little bit, so in fact very tired.

Athena Chu Paul Wong show on Venus revealed the truth to marry the wealthy aged

45 in Hongkong is not the old goddess Athena Chu to marry Paul Wong announced the 2012 lightning rock two people but also a prodigal, drying out naked Shenqingxiangyong, suggesting that just over the past 5 years now, have a daughter's husband Zhu Yinhe lived a sweet life, she recently on the day

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The truth is that Athena Chu doesn't marry rich families

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