The female stars are appropriate to give up people chowhound OK?

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character set, referred to as people. The concept of

originated from animation: in the early stage of the animation, it usually takes three effect, draw the characters head and the front and back side, different perspectives, sometimes including lines and closed character hair, dressed in different styles of clothing design, comparison of height and other roles, and wearing ornaments other details.

("set" from Baidu encyclopedia entries)

later this concept was greatly extended, and animation works not only belong to the same class of television drama in various settings - based character means including name, age, height, background and character. Later on, the living entertainment star walked through the rivers and lakes, and also needed a man to set up.

entertainment star people, simply speaking, is when you mentioned one of the stars of the first think of adjectives.

, for example, basic and designated "veteran" from Baidu search results related to sign all his Jin Dong. General characteristics of

" veteran people are these: three is absolutely in line with the most mainstream on major issues issues of right and wrong values; to keep up with the trend of the times, non social platform, do not understand the popular language of network education; love fans and fans of the sermon dedication; self-restraint, in the entertainment industry for many years but the silt but don't dye.

, for example, funny than the hand piece snake disease people, representatives of Joker.

this kind of people is good qualities from the literal meaning understanding: usually have an excellent sense of network, the network catchwords clear doors, love and friends on social networks, keen on making jokes, no self flying baggage.

thousands of thousands of people, thousands of people entertainment, such as the "female man", "silly white sweet", "true", "black high EQ", if every word appears in your mind to have the corresponding characters emerge, the corresponding figures of people the establishment of the very place.

" to speak of "chowhound", questions, your mind first thought is who?

shows that it is not subjective judgment and intentional blacks, so it is chosen as the most relevant person for Baidu search results.

" yes, we have occupied half of the country is drawing wall "fat Di" -- the quotation marks are because of "fat Di" this nickname is her self. Baidu Encyclopedia 168cm, 47kg official data, here is definitely in "dead man" ranks. Of course, do not rule out Di Ali Gerba for their relatively high, the height and weight or fat in her cognitive range, or Di Ali Zeba himself is too thin, a hope that he can to the first fat?

" (Di Ali Gerba micro-blog latest photos)

in fact, Di Ali Gerba's "chowhound" were now in a stage when the. The seizure of related results, "people have come chowhound" followed by a "collapse".

, why? Because it is now 2017, and believe that female stars can eat at home, not fat people, basically extinct.

is a public entertainment as thin as a stick as the actress all fall in love with people from what is evil chowhound which year from which a specific person blew has not test, but up to now, the people can get to the degree of goodwill is limited.

serious discussion, why female star chowhound people indeed popular for a while? Where is the men attractive?

" which is probably in the set chowhound just became popular when the female star to everyone stereotypes were just drink dew of life fairy, suddenly appear an exception, the audience found the fairy had normal physiological needs and I like, but also unable to control their appetite, the star image instantly becomes close up.

second, it also contains a kind of "overeating is not fat but also I" people envy or worship, for "effortless success" at this point, most people are longing for, this is also the star of the industry of dreams. The third is

, some female stars really gifted can eat nothing more than eat Bo favor, this is beautiful, the people can have a sense of happiness, such as "Shanshan coming" in Zhao Liying.

"that set chowhound is how the collapse has been to everyone shouting direction?

we can make people from what people boast chowhound not offensive to disprove.

" (Ady Ann "every day" program screenshot)

like Ady Ann closely reasoned and well argued

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