45 thousand campus loans rolled into about one hundred thousand university men want to commit suicide

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" in the police found a small bright Baoliao for figure

21, 2 in the afternoon, there have been small bright Dunning for figure

started to buy mobile phone from campus loan 6000 yuan, students of a university in Nanjing Jiangning small light (a pseudonym) a get out of hand, borrowed a pen and a pencil, one family to help him 158 thousand yuan. Unexpectedly, he still did not receive, online can not repay, but also under the Internet to private lending, and ultimately back 110 thousand yuan of loans, unable to repay.

8 month 20, see second days to the repayment period, the other urged money, and small bright and no ability to repay, this time, he thought of suicide. Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene in a timely manner, he took back to the police station to enlighten. The

event is not to borrow

students want to jump the river on 20

8 more than 10 in the evening, Xiao Liang said to a friend, themselves in campus loan quagmire, seeing to the repayment period of second days, each other hurried to the money, but he has no ability to repay, want to die, "if I say tomorrow (afternoon) before 4, is not the money, I choose to leave this world forever. After listening to friends, quickly call the police.

small bright began to prepare in the subway line 1 Nanjing delivery station near the viaduct, and later changed his mind, ready to jump river suicide. After several twists and turns, the morning of August 21st, the police finally found a small light in the center of Jiangning river. At that time, Xiao Liang put a dozen of beer around and drank a little drunk. Police brought him back to the police station in the area, sober and enlighten, and contact Xiao Liang's family to coordinate the matter.

Modern Express reporter learned that Xiao Liang is a sophomore in a university in Nanjing, Jiangning. Two years ago, he started from the campus net loan lending platform, after rob Peter to pay Paul, now a total debt owed 110 thousand yuan to repay, really cornered, anxious to have 3 days without sleep. 21 and 2 in the afternoon, the borrower has started dunning.


first use:

campus loan shopping commodity price 28 thousand yuan, the amount is nearly 60 thousand

the reporter learned that, initially, small light is to see the campus loan information posted on the campus of the advertisement.

2015 October, shortly after he entered school, he bought a 64G iPhone6 Plus at a platform called "interesting staging". The price was 6888 yuan, which could be paid in 24 installments, but with interest. According to small bright memories, the campus loan platform to provide him with identity cards, student cards, contact information, in addition, but also to provide family and friends contact. He finished the account, two years of principal plus interest, and ultimately to pay more than 8200 yuan, and their monthly living expenses of 2000 yuan, "think money is very easy."".

gradually, small bright find themselves do not have the ability to pay back the money, he borrowed money from rob Peter to pay Paul, other campus loan platform also. After tasting the benefits of staged consumption,

began buying electronic products on various campus lending platforms, such as speakers, mobile phones, etc.. Plus good face, usually high consumption, he even 3 months to change a new mobile phone. By June 2016, he had already purchased or borrowed money from nearly 20 online lending platforms. All commodities add up to 28 thousand yuan, while the total amount of repayment reaches nearly 60 thousand yuan. Finally, had to find a small bright family to repay.

but this lesson did not stop him to continue borrowing, later, family and he also spent 98 thousand yuan for money.

net loan to loan from the private use of

: tourism,

to repay the loan of about 70 thousand yuan, it is only about 50 thousand

at the end of June this year, the big small bright 2 in a company internship. The company arranged for him to go to Tibet on business. Besides work, he would like to visit the scenic spots. "He has already started work, and he is too embarrassed to ask for money at home.". "Xiao Liang had no choice but to invest in a variety of network lending platform.". Small bright said, he again in net loan platform total loans 45 thousand yuan. Seeing the loan has expired, the money is not on, there is a loan intermediary to take the initiative to contact him, do "home business."".

loan intermediary recommended small bright ious from the internet. Small bright said, this is actually playing IOU, "online personal loans, intermediary responsible for lenders and borrowers to contact the ious on the internet. According to Xiao Liang said, requiring more than before the net loan platform. Want to use the ious way of borrowing, not only to provide information of their own identity, but also their mail list backup to each other. If it does not return, someone will "bomb" the address book, and the SMS will tell everyone on the address book that he has not borrowed money yet. In addition, the annual interest rate on the loan list is mostly written in 0%~2%, but in fact, only 70% of the amount of money on the loan is reached, such as 2500 yuan, 3600 yuan on the note, and 7 days later".

eventually, he borrowed about $70 thousand from the private lending platform, and only about 50 thousand.

from Online to Offline


it borrowed 45 thousand, eventually will be about one hundred thousand yuan

and "online personal loan" is not enough to repay the loan, he had to find the line of private lending, in order to repay, to getting money,

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