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Gas are: original animation game ">

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: Final Fantasy 12

paid king Lueders: dark souls 3

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Tracy devil may cry 2

: Street Fighter

actually, fighter in the series first, on behalf of the United States, not today's eye-catching guile or Ken, but who called Joe (Joe) role, perhaps because the appearance really too boring, the character only appeared a generation later completely disappeared in the tide of the times and the.

skorge: war machine 2

dignified Orc commander, originally is a boss character, but was the third spreading stems and the debut of the new enemy "fluorescent family" to rob to front head, while the later is a fiery boss battles, but he finally driving the guy too big and Taiwan and couldn't find where the others...

horse: Final Fantasy series class=

? We must be wondering - FF series of horses exist? Don't you all take the land bird or the flying boat as a moving tool? In fact, in the third generation of the war scenes is a horse, also occasionally debut as a monster, or summon Odin will also rode by, in the world of Final Fantasy XIII Odin simply become horse milk Ting sister rides the, "online games" ff14 has officially become the mount, may also say that is gradually in the world of FF recapture mount position...

seven koopalings: Super Mario series

first to third generation debut Kuba seven people all, perhaps because the seven at first glance is the offspring of Kuba, but actually they are just Bowser's minions, location unknown relationship lead to the seven popularity has been not very high, even in the Mario Kart 8 "debut has only been internationally derided as dine with the role has frequently been next to Lin g or Sen small static war upstaged...

Hajime: GOEMON ~ Tengu Party's counter attack to

this game "GOEMON" series of rumor, the protagonist is a worship worship in the cartoon hero GOEMON, pure love animation students. Someday in the magical tree playing playing time and space travel to Edo era, has become a partner of GOEMON, a pedestrian, but... Although it is the protagonist, but the title is a duly completed the GOEMON, with the companion debut, we from the modern students are less and less sense of presence...

swim herders (female): romancing saga 2

nomads game live in grassland area of warriors, the village leading male role will wear conspicuous national costumes, prepared for the main plot and the lines, in contrast, the role of women only prepare for villagers like a lines, looks only like a stranger, obviously depends on the dialogue to collect peer, but because of this and miss role really pity it! The rhythm of the game and fast, we do well to remember the debut of an important figure in the

the Titans fall "all the characters

although the Titans fall" is a very interesting multiplayer online games can be operating in the cockpit mecha and guerrilla soldiers operating flexible acrobatic fighting, although the plot will still hear the dialogue between characters, but... You know just pay attention to immediate enemy battle is very busy, really didn't what time to care about the important role of interaction?

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