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Ghost blows the lamp yellow leather grave TV drama ghost blow yellow light leather grave Thunder

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, there are a lot of netizens looking for ghosts, yellow lights, graves, free watch, address is where? World tyrants sing the ghost of the yellow lights, leather grave, the audience is very fond of, is the most popular TV drama, Ethan Ruan's "Hu Bayi" will have what kind of ending? Just click on it!


ghost blows yellow leather grave TV drama by Ethan Ruan

and starring Xu Lu, "ghost chuideng yellow leather grave" is hit, this drama is about the "ghost blows:" ancient things, in 60s the last century, Hu Bayi and Wang triumph as a youth to the countryside to Greater Khingan Range queue. This is not what

both fuel-efficient lights, day heights wide, with two toss, no less trouble, was finally sent to the old party dumpling mountain forest to see the door, go with them and arrange the swallow old secretary.

to see the forest forest found khiaw old man no longer, his granddaughter thrush was ill, need to bear medicine, khiaw old man in order to cure her, a man went to the mountain catch the bear out of the accident, was sent to the hospital.

boring Hu Bayi and Wang Kaixuan decided to catch the yellow leather for fruit candy, although the yellow leather is called "Huang Daxian" in the northeast, ordinary people can not easily touch.


but the two men of the weird things things you don't care. Fortunately, they really caught one.

Hu Bayi (Ethan Ruan ornaments) to go abroad soon, finishing them when pulls out an old photo. At that time, he and fat man (Liu Chaoshi) is being educated youth in Greater Khingan Range mountain jump the queue. Life in the mountains so young they themselves, to change a few pounds of fruit sugar, play up the mountain yellow leather (weasel), in order to give medical treatment to catch bear bile, did not expect the two into a collapse of the yellow leather temple. The legend of a few decades ago, a group known as "mud children" bandit had unearthed a temple from the yellow leather export gold jade inlay box, then this group of bandit and boxes together disappeared in Mobei grassland.

this time, coincides with Comrade Ding Sitian (Hao Haoshi) a letter inviting them to the prairie guest, two people go willingly, which is to catch up with the frightened cattle. In order to find the lost cattle, three and the old sheep herders into the cave known as Yan Wangdian of 100. Here, there remains some Japanese "water army", there is no room in a strange building, a number is "0" in the basement is more terrible, two whole white yellow tail with their child has been the story of



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