These diseases are all "Qi" out! Read not to be angry, no one for disease!

These diseases are "gas" after no one for his don't get angry.

hulianwang· 2017-08-22 06:04:14

the "Yellow Emperor" said "all Qi", angry people are difficult to health, more difficult to longevity. When the body is in different moods, the concentration of blood and the hormones secreted in the body are completely different. People are in angry state, the body's hormone secretion is harmful, but also damage the body organs. Many of the common diseases are caused by anger.

if the stomach is often angry, depressed mood, will cause sympathetic excitement, and direct effect on the heart and blood vessels, reduced blood flow in the gastrointestinal peristalsis, slow, poor appetite, serious when can cause gastric ulcer; gastric acid will stimulate gastric mucosa injury cause gastritis, stomach pain and other diseases.


anger can lead to liver Shangni, hormone secretion of toxins, the body with blood toxic hormones through a large number of blood to the brain, causing brain hypoxia, resulting in dizziness or headache and other symptoms of shock.

the body's endocrine disorders of thyroid hormone with the emotional tension or anger leads to increased secretion, if often in angry situation, there may be endocrine disorders or even hyperthyroidism.

breast hyperplasia angry people easy emotion is not smooth, liver qi stagnation, the failure of the liver qi and blood loss, as of meridian stagnation and breast lump streamer, rupi.

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