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< p > Beijing time on May 13, 6 21 points, postponed for a full 24 hours after, the United States space exploration technology company SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, in Cape Canaveral, Florida space launch site successful launch of Japan's JCSAT-14 communications satellite and tested again a rocket offshore recovery. JCSAT-14 deployed at 36 thousand km from the ground synchronous geostationary orbit, this is the first time from the high orbit satellite launch mission recovery of a rocket. Face SpaceX a more aggressive fast progress trend

Figure 1] < strong > Musk's goal is not merely in the commercial launch market to earn some money, but to colonize Mars long-term ambition < / strong >. This by SpaceX to do than NASA's sensitivity is lower, so the U.S. government welcomed the.

at the same time, as a commercial operation of private Aerospace Corp, SpaceX's technical and economic advantages began to highlight the . On May 1, announced the Falcon 9 rocket the standard offer of $62 million, launched into low earth orbit, the earth synchronous orbit and the orbit of Mars's maximum load respectively 22.8 tons, 8.3 tons, 4.02 tons. The Falcon heavy standard offer of $90 million, launched into low earth, synchronous and Mars orbit to the maximum load respectively 54.4 tons, 22.2 tons, 13.6 tons. In other words, the launch to the near earth orbit per kg load only needs $2700, the launch to Mars orbit per kilogram of load is only $6600. And before the end of this year, the Falcon 9 rocket takeoff thrust will reach 775.6 tons, Falcon heavy rocket takeoff thrust will reach 2313.3 tons is twice the current all the Rockets. "This is a beast," Mask said of the falcon. Falcon rocket

Figure 2] SpaceX announced emission quote service. The company provides a simple, transparent service, low prices of commercial launch services , attracting global attention by each launch, will quickly occupy the global launch market.

musk is not a person in combat, the private space industry development has even become a national policy of the United states. currently has hundreds of thousands of commercial aerospace companies in the United states. In addition to SpaceX and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos investment, is committed to rocket and duplicate the recovery and development of space tourism blue origin company, to the international space station developed an inflatable capsule biglow company, the development and utilization of resource asteroids of planetary resources, and so on. Several private aerospace companies have been eyeing the lucrative commercial satellite launch market. In specific space subdivision market, large and small commercial aerospace firms each holds the core technology, with the profit pattern of self development.

Figure 4] American Hotel magnate Robert & middot; biglow leadership biglow aerospace company developed the first pilot inflatable capsule, and has successfully docking with the international space station, future will be for tourists to provide "space hotel", the service in the global space commercial activities and scientific research. < p > the outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama recently in an interview with "popular science" said: in space exploration aspects of my vision is, the astronauts can be to the solar system travel, not only to visit and to stay there. If we want to build a sustainable living space for human beings, we need a vigorous development of the private space industry. NASA's role is very important, but the development of the private sector is not to replace the NASA, but the NASA outstanding work supplement. When the private aviation Tianye over NASA had borne to the International Space Station cargo and manned work, NASA will focus on other more challenging quest, such as in other areas of the manned landing on Mars or exploration of the solar system.

to solve the current problems, SpaceX and NASA cooperation to create a new model of human space exploration. Take dragon spacecraft and Mars exploration as an example, as early as 2011, NASA and SpaceX set up a joint team to carry out the demonstration of the Dragon spacecraft landed on mars. December 2014, the two sides signed the cooperation agreement commercial space capabilities, in the red dragon spacecraft landing on Mars mission, NASA did not invest any money, but will be provided free of charge of all possible technical support, including communications, remote sensing, navigation, trajectory design, into aerodynamic database of the Martian atmosphere, hardware consultation etc. service. In exchange, SpaceX will provide NASA with the exploration data and engineering experience required for future manned missions to Mars. This cooperation mode of "private space enterprise" and "government space agency" provides an effective way to speed up the development of human space exploration. It will speed up the progress of development, reduce the cost of the task, and share the technical risks. China spaceflight

after more than and 60 years of development, brilliant achievements, and universally recognized. But almost all of the technology, talents and government investment are in two big Aerospace Science and Technology Group < / strong > and private space to develop a no technology, no talent, three funds, there is no relevant supporting policies, a handful of test face barriers to couldn't find the entry way. Private investment, although it has seen a great potential for development of the field, but in the face of the status quo will not dare to enter.

, however, the most cruel competition is not close combat, but the rules of the game and competitors change. < / strong > musk challenge Chinese aerospace sector confidence is not from his current understanding of the advanced technology, more from SpaceX has pipelined mode of production, the Internet business model, and strong innovation and creation ability to bring about comparative advantage. The rise of the private space industry also not overnight to achieve, but after Mr Obama's term for NASA will continue to "beat" and policy support, the government space agency to private airlines Tianye output technology, talent, capital, step by step development and growth. April 24th

2016, the first Chinese space day in the evening, the national defense science and Technology Bureau announced that China will launch Mars probe in 2020. Just a few days later on April 27th, SpaceX announced that it will achieve the Dragon spacecraft landed on Mars in 2018. This event for the Chinese aerospace industry's warning signal has been very obvious.

development of aerospace industry is a big country behavior, the small country will not be independent of the development of space industry. But almost all of the countries have the needs of the development of space, all want to have their own satellites, spacecraft and even astronauts, some big companies also want to use the space technology for industrial upgrading and global layout. So there is no doubt that the future of aerospace industry will be an open global market. < / strong > in such a global competition of the aerospace market, China aerospace industry competition is no longer a NASA, but the system more flexible, the price more competitive, have a certain scale of the private space industry. Once our competitors are no longer the government's investment led space agency, China's space industry in the global space industry in the market competition, how to build our core competitiveness?

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