Please don't say these words when your parents are old

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muyingyuyuer· 2017-08-22 17:54:37

" regardless of whether they had any less to you, mother was pregnant in October and put you into this world, can see everything in this world, good and evil. Don't do what will make you regret, please be good to your parents, don't wait until they are gone, then know how to cherish. Then! Everything will be too late.

remember! Never say these ten words "

1. well, well, know the parents, really wordy! (poor parents, parents, "wordy" is actually a kind of happiness)

2. yes, okay? That's hanging up. (parents call and maybe just want to talk, can we see what they mean and don't hang up in a hurry?)

3. said you do not know, don't ask! (they just want to talk to us)

4. to tell you how many times you do not, do not do so again. (some of them have life, we stop, because of concern but don't let them feel that they are useless.)

5. you set it, out of date. (parental advice may not work, but can we change it in a different way?)

6. asked you not to clean up my room, you see, things can not be found! (own room or own tidy up, do not tidy up, also don't brush the old man's good intentions.)

7. I know I want to eat what, don't clip! (waiting for us to go home to all parents want the financial interests of the special dishes, we quietly appreciate the good.)

8. said do not eat the leftovers, do not always listen to how ah! (their life savings habits, it is difficult to change, so that they each do as little as possible cooking.)

9. I know what I'm doing, do not always say, do not trouble trouble!

10. do not say these things, here to do what heap ah!

suddenly thought of his mother, can not help but shed tears, suddenly moved, very want to cry, for the child's healthy and happy growth, mom and dad paid a lot.

but what have we done for our parents?

, have you ever taken care of your parents? Have you ever cared about your parents?

if one day, you found the father of the flowers and trees gradually abandoned, if one day, you found the floor closet in the home often covered with dust;

if one day, you find the mother cooked the food too salty to eat, if one day, you find that parents often forget to turn off the gas; if

one day, you find some laofulaomu habit is no longer used, as they no longer want to take a shower every day;

if one day, your parents are no longer eat green and crisp Vegetable & Fruit, if one day, you find parents eat boiled rotten rotten vegetables;

" if one day, you find that parents love to eat Rice porridge, if one day, you find that they have the slow response actions;

if one day, you find that they always kept a cough time to eat, do not think they have a cold or cold (which is swallowing neural aging phenomenon)

if one day, you find that they no longer love out......

if one day, I want to tell you, you want to alert parents really old, the organ has degraded the need to care for others, if you can't take care of you, please find someone to care for them, and please you must often control look, remember often at home, don't let them feel abandoned.

everyone is old, parents than us old, we need to take care of them by changing the roles of mood, patience, don't complain, when parents can't take care of yourself, for the family to alert people that they may be incontinent, may have a lot of things do not, if the room smell, they may not have heard, please don't find him or find him a dirty smelly, for children can only help him clean up and please maintain their self-esteem".

" when they don't love a bath, please help them find time to regularly wash the body, because even though they could not wash clean, when we enjoy when love food, please prepare for them a proper size, easy to chew a small bowl that is because they do not eat teeth are not likely to move.

from the time we were born, nursed, changed diapers, fell ill asleep, taught us basic skills, provided reading, eating and drinking, and tutoring, caring and acting.

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