Is it good or bad for children to eat eggs in the morning? Mum will be late without seeing!

Mother egg kid no more!

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has been the egg is always regular people on the table, almost every day cannot do without it. An egg a day can not only improve the child's memory, but also protect the child's eyesight.

, though, after eating for many years, many mothers still don't know enough about eggs, such as eating eggs in the morning One day a child will not cholesterol too high?

why children need to eat an egg every day,

eggs nutrition is very rich, can meet the child's physical development at all stages of the various needs.

supplements high-quality protein

, compared with porridge and bread and other foods, egg protein amino acid composition is basically similar to the human body. The absorption and utilization ratio of protein in eggs is higher than that of porridge and bread.

increased choline rich memory

egg is necessary material to synthesize the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the same time, it is also an important component of the cell membrane, helps improve memory, make more focused. Therefore, it is necessary for breakfast workers to eat an egg for breakfast.

improves alertness, and

's high levels of tyrosine in the eggs allow children to respond more quickly. As a result, an egg a day is essential for students who receive new knowledge every day.

protect eyesight

egg yolk lutein and zeaxanthin Su can protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation damage, also help to reduce the risk of cataracts. Eating an egg in the morning is good for the student with excessive eyes.

increases satiety.

eggs not only provide enough protein for the body, but also slow down the emptying rate of the stomach and extend the satiety after meals.

prevents children from overweight,

breakfast eggs, lowers lunch and a full day's calorie intake, and plays a role in weight control.

" eat a few more healthy egg

actually, cholesterol in the body has two sources, one is exogenous cholesterol: eat fat, cholesterol, such as animal offal, egg yolk and liver; one is their own production.

if the exogenous cholesterol, liver cholesterol production will be automatically reduced; conversely, if exogenous cholesterol is very few, in order not to let the human body lacks cholesterol, liver cholesterol production will be increased..

so cholesterol in eggs doesn't have a big effect on cholesterol in the blood. Just eating an egg at breakfast is good for most people, no harm.

experts, for different groups of people, the number of egg a day can eat is also different:

children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and a large amount of exercise, demand for protein is higher than that of ordinary people can eat 1 to 2 egg every day.

normal adults and elderly people can eat 1 eggs a day.

dyslipidemia or obese people, it is recommended to eat 2 to 4 eggs per week is more appropriate.

how do eggs eat the most nutritious?

for egg cooking, fry cook everything can be done, but it is very simple.

1, steamed eggs and egg soup are the easiest to digest, suitable for children, the elderly and patients.

2, scrambled eggs should pay attention to match. The lack of vitamin C is the only "weak point" of eggs, so stir fry with tomatoes, peppers and peppers can make up for deficiencies.

3, a boiled egg is also a good choice, if you feel the taste of monotonous, can be cooked egg pieces, mix with salad or cold dish.

4, fried eggs higher calories, should not eat more.

morning quick cooking method skills:

boiled eggs in advance: you can cook in advance the night before, second days in the morning, hot enough to eat.

1 minutes microwave eggs: the eggs into a microwave oven available containers, high heat heating for 1 minutes, stir, pour a little soy sauce seasoning, you can eat.

: fried egg pot preheating for a minute or so, add a little oil, beat the eggs into the pot, cook for about two minutes until the protein slightly cooked spinach and spices can be added.

" eggs, if they all do so, the children eat and want to eat!

scrambled egg with

plus wine wine taste more delicious, usually fried egg to 2 teaspoon of wine.

Fried Eggs salt and flour fried egg can put salt to prevent oil splash, also can add flour, let fry out of egg white and yellow clear, more people have the appetite.

love milk steamed custards milk flavor can try, pour the milk into the egg in the mix (according to their own preferences to determine the amount of milk), and then steamed, will eventually harvest a bowl of aromatic Steamed Egg Custard oh.

eggs bogey cannibalism,

eggs per capita edible, but some people suffering from the disease should pay attention to avoid or reduce the amount of food.

1, suffering from high fever, diarrhea, hepatitis, nephritis, cholecystitis, gallbladder

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Is it good or bad for children to eat eggs in the morning? Mum will be late...

Is it good or bad for children to eat eggs in the morning? Mum will be late...