DeeAnn derailed insider exposure and Guo Jingming?

Guo Jingming derailed Zhu Zixiao exposure

nanrenwoyulepindao· 2017-08-23 04:44:43

Guo Jingming harassment male writers things have not ended, Di'an derailed, Anthony is actually a gay, hansey, I have AIDS suffering from depression, and in these...... accompany us memories of youth writers life, even a more than a dog. But there are also attentive netizen said: This is just the fourth in order to conceal the truth to do tricks, PR can be done! "

Di'an derailed things Guo Jingming had been too much about him and raise a Babel of criticism of the Zhu Zixiao Zhu Zixiao (early 4th the staff broke the four and make a rude noise in the hotel room, now Zhu Zixiao managed to get rid of the negative news, start again. In this fast to greet you with a new image, I did not expect it to be dragged into the fourth, really very poor), Chen winter (four man net) also was brought together in hot search, but Di'an derailed what was going on?

according to early users broke the news, the husband Di'an Zhuang di Kun and she is the alumni relations. Compared with Di'an, Zhuang Dikun's family background is very general. But when the two of them get married, Di'an has no fire, so the marriage did not cause the attention of people. Zhuang is a typical Dikun slag male, married fucks don't say, also threatened Di'an not quiet. Later, Di'an also derailed, both husband and wife derailed, is difficult for their daughter.

Dikun Di'an Zhuang

at first, users still distressed Di'an, after all, husband then slag. Have a sound quickly on the network, that is Dikun Zhuang originally had a wife, is Di'an as third party chaos into their relationship, I heard the flute is mistress of netizens immediately, transfer direction, Di'an deserves to feel. It also reminded the majority of female friends, men can be derailed for you once, nature can also be derailed for other people, so a mistress should be careful before

Oh! In fact, Di'an itself is very talented, she is a master of the Curve Wrecker. But the flute is the famous writer Li Rui's daughter, grew up under the influence of his father, Di'an as a writer. She has published "farewell" paradise "such as lotus surface such as eyebrow" "push" "East" "south" neon "Nanyin make vine" and other novels, and her relationship with Guo Jingming was DeeAnn worked as a "literary appreciation" wind and Guo Jingming is the editor of this magazine publisher. Perhaps, because there is a partnership, flute Ann was pulled out the back pot.

hot search

most netizens eyes are not blind, although the hot search has every kind of title, Guo Jingming also stressed that this is not true! But there's comments or Guo Jingming Lee Feng based sexual harassment thing, especially when you think Guo Jingming just let other writers on the hot search, the more suspect four baby!

" in this regard, netizen said:

two or three Fang: 1. to lawyer mouth after 2. hot search has Lao Tzu down the money.

ohnononoyeah: it is Guo Jingming &hellip company to help pull the obscene; author also drunk out of focus … there are still people really started the memories of youth … &hellip

: Sun bean embarrassment; see this news, I feel very sad. Several novels that I had to buy when I was in high school. The great gods of the gods I offer. It's all like this now. I really don't know what to say.

Guo Jingming

most of the view that, in addition to some memories of youth, there are some similar to the small navy washed the rest of the view, feel that this is the fourth pr. But despite the character does not say, Guo Jingming can have this as, which can be proved in a few years Guo Jingming transition more successful, as a young writer and without background, make today is pretty good!

drama is like life, writer's story is in fact to write their own heart, they can reflect many words your feelings and views. Do not say Di'an derailed, old Xu Zhimo Eileen Chang, their life experiences and also they wrote poetry as wonderful story? Of course, small does not advocate such negative practices derailed, sexual assault. There is nothing wrong with a man's heart, but it is wrong to hurt other people, do you think so,

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DeeAnn derailed insider exposure and Guo Jingming?

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