Zhang Jike dad burst Zhang Jike girlfriend standard fans heartbreak

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recently, Zhang Jike took dad to join a program in the program, Zhang Jike's father revealed himself to the daughter-in-law, at least not lower than the height of 68 meters, so many fans that Zhang Jike's sister might have been broken in one place, then you must be Zhang Jike's girlfriend and dad really will like the standard? Today, let Xiaobian take you to see what kind of girls love Zhang Jike!

as a table tennis potential, Zhang Jike's success in business at the same time, also become the focus of the outside world on the personal issues. Many people have speculated whether he has been in contact with his girlfriend, before, the outside world is guessing Zhang Jike, "gossip girlfriend" is Liu Shiwen, and some people speculated that Zhang Jike's "gossip girlfriend" is Ding Ning.

, Zhang Jike,

, a media broke the news, Zhang Jike seems to have the lord. The media revealed that Zhang Jike in answer to questions when netizens, revealed his spouse standard: "probably say, hair is not long, not short, not too thin, about 1.68 meters, sensible, virtuous, not too beautiful.". "Then, the media predicted that even the standards of hair length, height and so on were accurate enough, and Zhang Jike had no girlfriend. It is really like the media predicted?

Zhang Jike in an interview with reporters bluntly: "how could no thing? (1 meters 68, virtuous and generous) I do not know there is such a girl friend. "

Zhang Jike once said in an interview that this type of girls love Ding Ning, careless good. Ding Ning also said that "Zhang Jike is the men's team".

"after Ding Ning lost the game, I was really relieved. I just wanted to get the championship when I didn't take it. I lost, and I lost.". I had a good relationship with her. After the women's singles final, I sent text messages to comfort her. "I'll lose you," she said".

" from the Zhang Jike daily comments can be seen, Zhang Jike is Ding Ning's younger brother Super Fans!!! And in the broadcast, Zhang Jike more bluntly: "you are not allowed to talk with others with mixed doubles.... baby, you don't need to do that... With the self timer for?" just overbearing President vu. But the two are not yet together. Before

became the focus of achievement and personality, Zhang Jike was once "extremely concerned". Last year, he and Nvping "future star" Liu Shiwen "to Moscow, and to join the Asian Cup Singles on the top of the podium, the two love will be exposed.

facing the hitherto unknown pressure of public opinion, two people on the close relationship management has always been in love not to say yes or no, "iron fist" of the national team did not intervene. But Zhang Jike's father, Zhang Chuanming's attitude is very firm: "I do not agree, he is now in love, in the face of external concern, I hope not to affect his training and competition.". It is reported that at that time came the two love, the outside world has "hindsight". As early as 2004, when Zhang Jike first entered the team, he had a very good relationship with Liu Shiwen. Even at the end of the year Zhang Jike due to violation of team rules are returned to the provincial team, their relationship is still continues".

some people say that some feelings are easy to see". As the "Wen of love", after exposure but ultimately went nowhere. For the past feelings, originally thought Zhang Jike will avoid, when a reporter tempted to mention, I did not expect he did not dodge. "In this respect, the training will be affected.". Preparing for the Olympics is so stressful that there's really no time to think about these things. "Sometimes it's embarrassing to meet again after breaking up.". Moreover, they train together, bow their heads and disappear. "There's nothing awkward, meeting or talking.". Our relationship is over, but it doesn't stop us from being friends. "Suddenly think of" not 2 "in that sentence, casual business does not disperse friendship.

to win the world cup after Zhang Jike's girlfriend, Zhang Jike once said, thanks to teammate Ding Ning provide valuable experience for themselves, so that outside people began to "gossip" relationship between them. "I did ask her some points of attention before the game, and so on, we had a very good relationship, and we talked like brothers.". She wouldn't talk to me about the technology if it wasn't good. "When a reporter asked what kind of girl he liked, he blurted out," Ding Ning is fine. "I don't forget to add one." I mean personality, very outgoing and sunny. "For his future feelings, he said," after the Olympics, again, if you play well, consider, and play poorly, do not consider. "

as early as in 2013, Zhang Jike in an interview, revealed the girlfriend standard: hair is not long, not short, not too thin, 1 meters 68 or so, sensible, virtuous, not too beautiful. This

for three years, Zhang Jike's exposure rate is higher and higher, accompanied by his appearance, in addition to table tennis team, is the uniform of men, or those crazy female fans really did not appear suspected his girlfriend.

before 2012, Zhang Jike visited a Hunan TV entertainment program, host Wang Han asked Zhang Jike's criteria for choosing a spouse, Zhang Jike responded

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Zhang Jike dad burst Zhang Jike girlfriend standard fans heartbreak

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