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4 details, bottle cleaning key here

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taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-08-23 06:03:38

said wash bottles, there are a lot of things but the mother think times simple: wash with water bottles, and then use the brush brush or rag wipe, then wash it again for it! Nonono~ cleaning bottle seems simple, but it contains many small details and skills. Dear friends, the small details of the bottle "bath", ran away!


1, China visual finished bottle to immediately wash

is generally recommended to drink the milk bottle cleaning immediately. But, if you have something to do and can't afford the time to wash the bottle, you can soak the bottle in warm water or Taomi Shui and wash it again after 1-2 hours.

2, bottles, brushes and cleaning agents use

, only rinse or soak with water, it is difficult to thoroughly wash the fat on the bottle. The best way is by using a bottle brush and bottle cleaner. The amount of cleaning agent into the bottle, soaked in water shaking, then use cleaning brush. The main component of the

" is derived from coconut, palm kernel and other plant material, does not contain pigments, the taste is very light is very clean, not only to milk stains, easy to rinse, and temperature and does not hurt the hand.

" wide caliber bottle brush, a handle rotating design, let's clean the bottle in a lot of effort; and in addition to wash bottles, can also be used to clean other bottles yo ~

3, nipple suction bore cleaning nipple suction holes

forget them easy hoarding milk scale. In order to avoid nipple suction holes, cleaning the nipple with a pacifier brush for cleaning. General purchase bottle brush when you can buy a complete set of nipple brush.

a perfect combination of various brands of nipple shape, let the mothers nipple cleaning more convenient; the sponge material, clean the nipple without damaging the nipple.

a package includes 3 different nipple brush and 2 kinds of bottle brush, sponge material, there are nylon yarn material, with large models, also has small size, meet the different needs of the mother. High price!

4, washing to dry disinfection

don't think that washing bottle is Everything will be fine., pro remember dry disinfection yo! Just put the

washing stains cleaning naked eye clean, but invisible germs still exist. With the help of the traditional boiling method, or bottle steam sterilizer, you can easily achieve the purpose of disinfection bottle! "

UV is used in the ultraviolet disinfection, sterilization and disinfection of bottle leverage drops! After drying can be placed directly on the inside, to be when used to take out again, so that the machine can not only disinfection disinfection, but also can be used as the bottle storage box to use

! This steam sterilization pot can hold 8 bottles at a time, to set the disinfection time, disinfection bottles can not only directly, also can only dry bottles, or choose a disinfection drying complete. In addition, other food can also be used to feed the baby disinfection tools Oh! 4 details

cleaning bottles, all Get to remind you? Finally, mom, have clean and disinfection bottle, must keep dry and good storage, so as to ensure that the bottle is clean and sanitary.

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