Tracking and selling baby trading, insider uncover "belly" business"

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(Modern Express News reporter Sun Yuchun Wang Yingfei Zhu Junjun) baby boomers have become "commodities"! In August 21st, modern express received the crackdown volunteers rebellion, said one was born more than 10 days of baby selling to Suzhou. It was also the sixth baby deal the volunteers had engaged in two years in a baby agency. August 22nd, reporters followed and reported, and finally with the police intercepted the baby trafficking suspects, rescued the baby. It is understood that, from the maternity registration, to issue a birth certificate, behind the baby trafficking business, but also hidden a huge chain of interests.

a buyer intercepted by police and taken to the police station to watch

trading plan: infant trafficking volunteers to potential buyers identity "observe" transaction

8 on Sept. 21, modern express reporter from the crackdown volunteers Shangguan (net) justice department was informed that he remained with a baby selling "intermediary" has arrived in Suzhou, the illegal private sale coming together baby. Allegedly, the child was born more than 10 days, the child's biological mother from Jiangyin to Suzhou production, buyers are outsiders.

since the crackdown volunteers prior to the "buyers" identity to obtain the trust each other, "intermediary" in order to confirm their "ability", so does the deal almost all information sources, including travel and residence. "Intermediary" also told volunteers, "buyers" will be 22 in the morning to take the children to a nearby hospital for physical examination, lunch to complete the transaction. Waiting for

a reporter at the door of the hotel, found a woman carrying a baby to go out, take things behind there is the husband

intermediary said that buyers can arrange volunteers and eat lunch together, to the "potential customers" firm confidence.

informed of the information, the modern express reporter and volunteers discussed the plan, ready to accompany them to participate in lunch, the entire transaction forensics, and select the police.

a woman carrying a baby from the hotel to leave

22 at noon at 11:30, the reporters rushed to the "buyer" residence: Suzhou south bus station adjacent to the "Chun Ting Holiday Inn", this extended stay.

volunteers were informed by an intermediary that the buyer and his wife had taken the baby to a nearby hospital in the morning. The doctor says the baby is healthy.

at this time, volunteers are still from Nanning to Suzhou on the way, in the afternoon to arrive.

Ben agreed to have dinner together, but the buyer can't wait.

a woman holding a baby behind the "husband" and the intermediary man

strain: reporter to track all the way, the police will contact the buyer to intercept < / strong>

worry about "buyers" may leave early, modern express reporter at a distance of 20 meters at the gate of the hotel at.

according to volunteers to provide "buyers" features, 12 noon, reporters at the hotel door found the pedestrian. One of the women was carrying a baby, accompanied by a woman with hair, and two young men followed. The two women went straight to the door, a taxi, and the man left in the other direction. Sure enough, the situation has changed!

a reporter tracking with baby buyers take a taxi

at this time, volunteers still in high-speed rail. Reporters immediately followed the car to catch a taxi. On the way, the taxi stopped suddenly under the viaduct. Reporters immediately reported to the police, the 110 platform rushed to notify the police station along the line.

six or seven minutes later, one of the men just left (allegedly carrying the baby's husband) took a taxi and came to the car where the baby was.

then, the taxi encounters a traffic jam in the intersection of Yang Zhi Tang, just a police car, the reporter shouted a few times, the police reacted quickly, successfully intercepted a taxi.

according to the taxi driver afterwards said, the other party is in the online reservation of the car, and said the child jaundice, to rush to seventy or eighty kilometers outside Changshu South station.

delta at an intersection, the police successfully taxi to intercept

net: a serial to the train station to catch a "baby selling" intermediary

at noon at about 12:30, a man and two women suspected of buying baby was brought to the Public Security Bureau of Suzhou City Industrial Park Loufeng Branch police station. Modern Express reporter noted that the three seem to have some ideological preparation, has not refuted a sentence.

delta was intercepted after the buyers and the baby was taken to the police station to

, however, still do not know the whereabouts of "intermediary".

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