Sa Beining's wedding to show his wife: like a child will always follow you

Wedding Sa Beining

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. : " arrows small scattered happy marriage!

Sohu Entertainment News (the /shyl) for 5 months on the 6th, the scatter Benin and foreign wives of Li Bai's wedding in Wuhan East Lake mill mountain garden held. Sa Beining's friend, CCTV host Nigel Maiti wedding ceremony.

small scatter humor does not change, ridicule, originally wanted to find Mr. Zhao Zhongxiang, Ni Ping the teacher, the moon sister, then feel can't find better than themselves, after much deliberation only Nelson the.

wedding small spread of Li Bai said: "let us work together to see the most beautiful things in the world, and go on adventures, although I am 40 years old this year, but please let me like a 14 year old boy like to follow you, watching over the life the most wonderful thing, I would like to, I can do it!" After the two people at the wedding happy kiss. />

of Li Bai's said.

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[Huang Xiaoming to marry baby to spend at least 1 billion 7544 million! Don't ask us how we figured it out...... ]

7 [7 years the, those forced Chen exit the entertainment circle, whether owed him an apology? ]

[Wang Sicong to nightclubs 200000 flowers where? 8800 bottles of champagne spades A drink! ]

11 [ Liu Wen He Suiqin Shu Pei plus sunfeifei Chen Bike...... Supermodel circle is not lost a war torn X entertainment! style=" >]

12 [Zhang Mo two times and Guoli Zhang dropped out of drug hit women can accept, but can not accept that he is gay? ]

13 [from the superficial to the Naked Kiss, Zhu Yawen can so pro Ma Yili in full, the 35 years! ]

14 [cosmetic PS foam star open shop a year earned 100 million...... You know you don't know the history of the ten years of the network is here! ]

15 [ask Fan Bingbing and Li Chen bed. What?! Deep grilled "dirty" woman s 13 years history quiz blush......

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