"Kill devil" square dance, Grandpa aunt has jumped for 8 years

Beijing Red Detachment of women heroic Hymn

guanchazhewang· 2017-08-23 10:58:55

every evening in Beijing, Raffles City, a group of uncle aunt will show Kill Devil square dance, attracted many onlookers.

" according to the Beijing Times reported these old toys and dance props, music to oldies, such as "the Red Detachment of women" "hero hymn", has jumped 7, 8 years.

" each jump to a climax, two uncle played a "devil" will debut, Boyle they instantly turned "detachment of women", carrying a gun "Devils" surrounded. Many people come here, just to see a "devil" dance.

" it is reported that most of their clothing bench and musical instruments from corporate sponsors, some companies will ask them to perform in the field, with the old man said, a dance has become the most hope time of a day, every day looking forward to this moment, will not feel abandoned by society."

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